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    Unhappy HELP!!!!!!Ive got 9weeks to go and need an unusuall boys name

    I need a boys name that is unusual,,im feed up with looking now, I dont seem to like any at all.

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    You didn't mention any sort of requirements or preferences, if you like old names that have fallen out of use or names that aren't traditionally considered names like Sargent etc. so I'll suggest some older names that are very rarely used.


    The one l like best is Hezekiah nn Ki

    Good luck

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    What sorts of names do you almost like? "Unusual" could take so many different directions! Knowing that some of there could fall under more than one category...

    Unusual classics: Felix, Bertram, Hubert, Rupert, Calvin or Kelvin, Rory, Piers, Oscar, Desmond, Conrad, Wade, Martin, Alasdair, Alan, Gilbert

    Unusual historical-but-not-quite-classics: Byron, Leander or Lysander, Gareth, Fabian or Florian, Romulus, Phineas, Orin, Nevin, Evander, Cassius, Alaric, Aeneas, Aurelian

    Unusual Biblical names: Simeon, Boaz, Hezekiah, Hosea, Noam, Moses, Melchior, Ephraim, Eleazer, Zaccheus, Abijah, Zebulon, Asa Amias

    Unusual surname-y names: Winslow, Bridger, Ingram, Latham, Alcott, Barnett, Langston, Whittaker, Thatcher, Rigby, Quinlan, Porter, Barrett, Cannon, Keaton, Monroe, Alden, Cabot, Powell, Anders

    Unusual foreign options: Ianto, Laszlo, Willem, Ibrahim, Gabin (not actually sure where to place this one), Wolfgang, Fionn, Fergus, Matteo, Thierry, Rafael, Riordan, Olin, Nabil, Keir, Malachi/Malachy, Etienne or Ettore, Emrys, Dimitri, Rieti, Pavlos, Antoine

    Unusual modern choices: Django, Breaker, Cedar, Hendrix, Gatsby, Talon, Ransom, Pilot, Phoenix, Puck, Drummer, Xander, Zephyr, Cruz, Denver, Zane

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    Great list ellenelle!!

    And joel613 can you give us more guidelines please?
    Psalm 23

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