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    Sylvie Rose for sure

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    Sylvie Rose is lovely and definitely the one I like best! It is classic and sweet sounding. Tallulah Poppy and Summer Skye are nature heavy and wouldn't age well.

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    Sylvie Rose - love. I adore Sylvie just as it is and Rose complements it very nicely! She just shines above the rest.

    Tallulah Poppy - second favorite. I agree with @mischa that it is quite cutesy but I adore both names separately. I like the nns Tallie and Lulu for Tallulah.

    Summer Skye - I like Summer a lot (and have a great face to put to it), but it just doesn't quite match up to the other two options, imo. I love the idea of Summer, and Summer Skye is sweet, but I just don't love it here, for some reason. Sorry.
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    Tallulah Poppy Tatlock- This one is pretty and works well as long as you're not worried about alliteration

    Summer Skye Tatlock- This is nice but for me it doesn't seem to flow as well.

    Sylvie Rose Tatlock- I really like this one! Sylvia would work well too.

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    Sylvie Rose by a mile!!!! I think that is an absolutely stunning & beautiful name!

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