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Thread: Rider vs. Ryder

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    Rider vs. Ryder

    My husband and I finally agreed on a name after months of contemplation. We decided on the name Ryder/Rider. However we still haven't agreed on the spelling. I prefer the less literal spelling Ryder, because it is the more accepted form of the name. But my husband prefers Rider, because he is against spelling names with Y just to be unique and trendy. Which do you prefer? (Our lastname begins with a Z).

    Also, we are hoping to honor my sister, Kelly in the middle name, which luckily is a unisex name... but I'm not sure if Ryder Kelly sounds too great. Another possibility is Kellan, but still not too great IMO. My husband's (and FIL's) name is William... and Ryder William sounds real nice, but we are pretty obligated to put Kelly in the name since my daughter was named after my husband's sister. We cant decide. Any thoughts on that?

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    To me Ryder just looks more like a name though I usually don't like "y" spellings either. This is an exception.

    I'm not too crazy about Kelly for a boy, I'm not sure if I as a boy liked to have girl name ( I know it's unisex but still...) , especially named after a woman. I do like Ryder Kellan, I think it sounds good!

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    I'm torn! On the one hand, I've always liked Ryder better because that's how I've always seen it spelled as a name. On the other hand, I hate the trendy 'Y' and can understand completely why your husband wants to use Rider! Violet hasn't morphed into "Vylet", August hasn't morphed into Oghest, and Jasper hasn't morphed into Jazper, so why has Rider become Ryder? I'm not really sure I understand it but the more I think of it, the more I like Rider better. I think both have their downfalls--Ryder looks more trendy; Rider will have more spelling problems--but both are great names. I think Rider Kelly or Rider Kellan is fine--why not? It doesn't sound any worse than Rider William to me. I think you would do fine with any of those options! You could also do something like Rider Kelly William/Rider William Kelly if you want to honor all three family members.
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    While I imagine some of the recent preference for Ryder over Rider is due to the trendy "y," I was always under the impression that Ryder (and Rider) began as occupational-names-turned-surnames and moved to first name status along with names like Sullivan, Brady, Finnegan, Harrison, and other last names. Ryder and Rider are equally traditional in my book, and I prefer Ryder since it is less literal. I think Ryder William, Ryder Kelly and Ryder Kellan are all fine, though I think I prefer Kelly to Kellan, which strikes me as more trendy? I wonder if Kelvin would honor Kelly, too? Ryder Kelvin is nice...
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    Ryder is a perfectly legitimate spelling, and the kid is less likely to get teased for having a "word name" since it blends in so well. Also, I like it myself, along with Ryker.

    I like your combos, particularly Ryder Kellan (and, alright, Ryder Kelly!), as well as the PP's suggestion of Ryder Kelvin. However, my suggestion would be Ryder Kelton.

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