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    Orchid Genus Names

    I was doing some research on orchids and was pleasantly surprised when I came across some of the genus names. There are a lot of them, but here are some of the more wearable ones (some more than others!) I included pronunciations where I could. So if you want lesser-known floral names, here you go:

    Acineta (a-sin-EE-ta)- from the Greek word 'akinetos' (immobile)
    Aerangis-from the Greek words 'aer' (air) and 'angos' (urn)
    Aerides (AIR-i-deez) (ah-ER-i-deez)
    From latinized Greek "aer" air; "eidos" similar. From the "airy" epiphytic growth habit
    Aganisia- named after the Greek word ‘agnos’ (gratitude),
    Arethusa (a-reh-THEW-za)-named after a naiad of Greek mythology, also called the Dragon's Mouth Orchid
    Caladenia (kal-a-DEE-nee-a)-from the Greek words calos (meaning beautiful) and aden (meaning glands)
    Calanthe (kal-AN-thee)
    Calypso-takes its name from the Greek signifying concealment. I always thought this was a beautiful name!
    Disa (DYE-sa)-named after Disa, the heroine of a Swedish legend, by the botanist Carl Peter Thunberg.
    Encyclia-name comes from Greek enkykleomai ("to encircle")
    Eria (EAR-ee-a)
    Eulophia (yew-LOH-fee-a)-derived from the Greek words "eu" (well) and "lophos" (plume)
    Isabelia (iz-a-BELL-ee-a)
    Laelia (LAY-lee-ah )-probably named after Laelia, one of the Vestal Virgins. Another possibility is the name borne by female members of the Roman patrician family of Laelius. LOVE this one!
    Luisia-named by Charles Gaudichaud-Beaupré in 1829 for Luis de Torres, a Portuguese botanist.
    Lycaste (lye-KASS-tee)
    Maxillaria-from the Latin word maxilla, meaning jawbone. Perfect for honoring a Max, without using Maxine!
    Miltonia (mil-TOH-nee-a)-They are named after Lord Fitzwilliam Milton, an English orchid enthusiast
    Peristeria-from the Greek word peristerion meaning "from dove"
    Serapias-named after Serapis, a syncretic Hellenistic-Egyptian god in Antiquity
    Stelis-Greek word for 'mistletoe'
    Trevoria-name is in honor of Sir Trevor Lawrence, a former president of The Royal Horticultural Society.
    Vanda (VAN-da)

    Ida and Ada are also included, but I thought they may be too normal for this list.
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    Thanks for this! It's quite interesting!

    Eria stands out to me the most. It reminds me of another favorite, Aria.

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    Here are the one's I could go for:

    Barlia - nn could be barley!!
    Caladenia - Might go for Cala instead of the whole word here.
    Disa -Lovely sounding name. I might start crushing on it.
    Encyclia - Very close to encyclopedia but I'm geeky enough to consider it for a mn.
    Eria - Looks passable as a real name even if one would have to correct the pronunciation all the time.
    Evotella - Sounds like a name out of a book. Can't decide if it would be on a good guy or a bad guy!
    Isabelia - With all the other Isabel variations out there this one would fit right in!
    Laelia - Would fit in well with all the double L sound names.
    Ludisia - also has a literary feel to it. Definitely a good guy.
    Miltonia - could we pass it off as a female version of Milton?
    Serapias - Has a masculine feel to it to me for some reason.
    Stelis -Sounds like a stellar name with a down to earth botanical meaning.
    Sutrina - Sounds like a name to me! Might be my favorite of the bunch.
    Thaia - I like the look of it but how would this be pronounced? I want to say it like Gaia with a "th."
    Trevoria - If I had a Trevor to honor I might consider this name.
    Vanda - seems familiar. Like Vanna or Velma.

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    I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    I'm actually intrigued by Disa (but the DYE-sa pronunciation is what I like...unfortunately everyone would probably pronounce it like Lisa) and Stelis, but both would sound awful with my last name. I would totally use Laelia, and I agree that Evotella sounds like a name from a book!

    Mother to two wonderful boys!

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    I like Laelia and Evotella!

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