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    I'd probably go to the doctor and make sure you're actually ovulating because it kind of sounds like you might not be.

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    Perhaps you are ovulating way later than you thought you were. 5 weeks late is really late so it sounds like you have an unpredictable cycle. Your best defense is to throw out everything and STOP trying. That's how I got pregnant (and many other women too it seems). Since you have been trying for about six months, in another six months you can go to your doctor and ask to be referred to a fertility specialist (at least in Canada that's how it works) unless you are over 30 where you can ask for a referral after only 6 months of trying (again that's here in Canada, so I'm not 100% sure about your area) but its worth a shot, I'm an impatient person though, and if there was something wrong I would want to know ASAP ( not that there is for you! It does take the average couple 12 to 24 months to conceive so your right on track) good luck!
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    Totally understand what you're going through! My husband and I have been trying for 11 months now, and still no positive pregnancy test. My doctor told me we should only have sex every other day during my fertile time. And she also suggested using an ovulation kit, which was helpful since I found that I ovulate a bit sooner than the average woman. Only one more month and we'll be able to get some testing done. In the mean time we just keep trying not to stress about it. But that can be so hard!!

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    My body did exactly the same thing when we were TTC, its extremely frustrating and upsetting and my heart goes out to you
    Wishing you lots of success and that you get your BFP soon!
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