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    Not pregnant and starting to worry :/

    I really thought I was this time, but I did tests and they were negative. This sixth time that we've tried and failed. I hate my body! Every time we try, I'll have a delayed period, do a test, it'll be negative, then about an hour later my period will come. It obviously delays at the excitement of a possible pregnancy. I hate this, I'm really upset.

    I think maybe we'll stop trying for a while.
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    hi hun, I too am waiting for my period today (due today) and it's not come, but had BFNs! So just waiting it out.

    Try not to get down, 6 months might feel a long time but it really isn't in terms of trying to conceive! xx

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    It is so hard! Especially those two weeks between conception and the test. This might sound counter intuitive but it might not be such a bad idea to stop "trying" for a while. Anxiety can mess with your cycle and make it harder to get pregnant. PP is right about how long conceiving can take (for perfectly fertile people). Make a plan with your partner about if/when you'll speak to a doctor about fertility specialist. Then (if you can) forget about getting pregnant. Go about life as usual. Take your tests expecting them to be negative. Hang in there, and practice not worrying. You'll need the practice for pregnancy and for the rest of your child's life.

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    It took us exactly a year to conceive our third baby. I should say that I'm 28 and got pregnant within 3 months with our first two. We tried so hard and had that horrible disappointment month after month. We did get pregnant but had a miscarriage which made things even worse. We finally gave up, literally! I made an appointment with a fertility doctor, and threw some maternity clothes my friend had given me in the basement. I stopped tracking my ovulation and timing things. In fact, we barely had "Special time" at all. It was that month that it actually worked for us. I know how frustrating and heartbreaking trying for a baby can be. My best advice is to try as hard as you can to relax about it. Maybe even try to go get a massage a week after your cycle. The more relaxed you are the better your chances are. I wish you the best of luck in the coming months!

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    I second the massage idea. I really think that is what got the depo out of my system. I told my massage therapist I was TTC and she worked my ab area. I got pregnant the cycle after she did that.

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