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    i like murray thomas (i don't think murray and rosemary are too close), then ellis arthur. don't like don at all and think lennon is too modern sounding next to the very classic rosemary (love).
    ellis harrison is nice too.
    anthea jane is beautiful and very complementary. it's heads and tails above the rest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by auntshann View Post
    don't like don at all
    Me neither. I just really want to have a family connection to that particular family member. And HIS name was Shirley Don. Ouch. However, Truls is from his family, and I think it's cute. But like you say, I don't think I could really use Don.

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    I love Rufus - I wouldn't worry about the two "r" names. I like Rufus Arthur, but depends on your surname (initials spelling RAT or RAM might not work). Anthea Jane is gorgeous!

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    Lennon and Murray are my favorites for a boy and Genevieve for a girl.

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    My top picks from your list for boys and with sister Rosemary are: Rufus and Jasper. I think Murray would get a little confusing with Rosemary unless she has a nn (Rosie, Ro) that you use most of the time. For girls, I agree-- Anthea Jane is a beautiful name. Cassia (Cassia Ruth, Cassia Ealasaid) is my second pick.

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