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    Middle name for Embry

    What middle names go with Embry? I loved the name when I saw it, then I realized I could call her "Bree" for short, which is my favorite nick name for a girl. I really like girly, feminine names for the middle name.

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    I know you haven't asked for opinions but when I read it, all I kept saying was 'embryo'. I can see the appeal in the sound though.

    Embry Sophia
    Embry Olivia
    Embry Isabella
    Embry Grace
    Embry Matilda
    Embry Adele
    Embry Anneliese
    Embry Caitlin
    Embry Charlotte
    Embry Willow
    Embry Francesca
    Embry Savannah
    Embry Vivienne
    Embry Annabel
    Embry Lucille
    Embry Victoria
    Florentina Arleen Belle & River Isaac James

    Zeke Gabriel Asher - Atlas Xavier Louis - Oren Zachary Jude
    Bear William Oscar - Leif Sebastian Arthur
    Pandora Ottilie Winter - Indira Persephone Rose - Elowen Matilda Carys
    Adelaide Junia Scarlet - Clemency Eden Willow

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    Not expecting, just collecting!

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    Embry as a first name

    I think Embry is a cool choice for a first name. Everytime I hear it in a movie, I think it is funny since it is my last name. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa years ago and one of my students named her baby girl Embry after me, which was a great honor. By the way, not once in 48 years has someone called me "Embryo" or teased me which that word. So, in case you were worried that the baby would be teased. Many names can be mocked with similiar sounding words, so I would not let this stop you from naming the baby Embry. As far as a middle name, I would choose a name with three syllables to go with Embry, since I think it would flow better like Embry Elisabeth, Embry Catherine, Embry Alexandra. Of course, it also depends on your last name! Good luck and please come back and tell us what you decided on. I am finding that people come on this site to ask advice and then never come back and tell us what they chose! Oh, one last thing, my criteria when I was naming my children was, can you put the word Doctor or President before their name. For example, will President Tiffany... be elected (sorry if you love the name, it is just fluffy)? Do you want Dr. Septimus... doing brain surgery on you? LOL! Really? My Mom was a Doctor, so I do know it works with Embry by the way! Just my two cents.

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