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    Wink Edward as a Girls name?

    okay, so my husband and I have been thinking about this name for a couple of years and we want to name our first daughter edward. yes it is currently a boys name, but wasnt ashley a boys name? or spencer? riley? jodie? Jordan?

    would love some feedback... thanx

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    Hate, esp with twilight craze this one is all man to me. Sexy vamp man man man.

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    Can you please explain the attraction of using Edward for a girl? I'm trying to understand the logic of your choice. Is it perhaps a family name? It really doesn't sound like a girls name at all unlike Ashley, Jodie and Riley with their more softer endings. I often think that parents are choosing more and more masculine first names for their girls just for the shock value. Also, I would wonder what you would name a boy if you have a girl named Edward? I would advise you to reconsider your choice before making your final decision because you should be prepared for a lot of negative reactions.
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    No, this is not good. Please do not subject your daughter to this. Maybe Edwina? I can't think of anything else similar to Edward that is feminine. If you name her Edward she will go through life with everyone thinking she is a male. I would wonder if my parents gave me a boy's name because they really wanted a boy. Like Mischa said, I hope you will reconsider.

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    Yeah, I agree with everyone who says this is a bad idea, because it is. Boys names for girls are fine if they don't sound very masculine in the first place. Some girl's I know with boy's names are Charlie (sp. Charleigh), Dani, Cory, and Jordie. Notice a trend here? The girly ie sound! Edward is just too entirely masculine for a girl, sorry. Maybe Edith or Edlyn instead?
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