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Thread: Elsa? WDYT??

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    I love Elsa, especially with the nickname Elsie! I think it would work alright with the name Evan, however, if it was me I would probably choose a name with a different first initial. I think that Elsa and Evan are doable though, if you really like Evan that much.

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    I don't like Elsa, it was my old lunch lady's name back in elementary school. But my cousin's name (I have never met her, very distant cousin on my father's side) is Elsa Olivia. If I did not used to know someone with the name, I think I would like it a lot more. Something like Elsa Olivia would be cute though, like Elsa Aria or Elsa Nicole.
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    It is a Scandinavian name. I'm not fond of it. I went to school with an Elsa. Nuff said.

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    Elsa (especially with the nickname Elsie) is one of my all-time favorites! It's underused but well-recognized. It's a total sweet-spot name. I like how simple it is but it packs a punch. I think Elsa and Evan work as long as you keep the E initial pattern if you have any more kids.
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