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    Your name is: (Roll dice)
    5 or 6. First and middle names from
    Alessandra Elena

    You are _____ years old. (Roll dice)
    1. 21

    DH's name is: (Roll dice)
    1 or 2. First and middle names from
    Edmund Julius

    DH is ________ years old: (Roll dice)
    6. 25

    You meet DH.... (Roll dice)
    3. At a hotel. He was the bellhop, and he dropped all my suitcases.

    How many times do you get pregnant? (Roll dice)
    5. 2 times

    You get pregnant with your first child a year after you get married.
    Roll dice. If you get an even number, it's a girl, if you get an odd number, it's a boy.
    Boy first and middle names:
    Elliott Reid

    What does your baby look like? (Roll dice)
    5. Blonde hair, blue eyes

    When Child #1 is three years old, you get pregnant for the second time. It's twins!!! Roll the dice.
    3 or 4: Girl/Girl
    Girl first and middle names from:
    Clara Rose & Mila Ivy

    What do your babies look like?
    3 or 4: Brown hair, green eyes

    Three years go by (oldest child is 14, twins are 11) and you decide to get a pet. Roll dice. If the number is even, you get a cat. If it's odd, you get a dog.
    What type of cat is it? Munchkin
    What is it's name? Watson

    List your family here. Include ages and any other details if you like.
    Alessandra (36) & Edmund (40)
    Elliott (14)
    Clara & Mila (11)

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