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    If you had 6 daughters and twin sons?

    Just a bit of fun guys!

    A couple came in to my place of work yesterday with 10 day old identical twin boys. While we were all cooing over the babies, they mentioned that they also had 3 year old twin girls! So we said, thats nice 2 boys and 2 girls, to which they replied - well we actually have 4 older daughters too! Wow.

    I didn't get to find out their childrens names, but it got me thinking, if I had 4 girls, twin girls and then twin boys, what would I name them. Its pretty much a name nerds dream! So what names would you pick? I'm going to think about my choices and post them further down!

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    Off the top of my head:
    DD1: Josephine Alice 'Josie'
    DD2: Margaret Adele 'Maggie'
    DD3: Catherine Annabel 'Catia'
    DD4: Charlotte Amelia
    DD5/DD6: Ruby Kerensa/Louisa Imogen
    DS1/DS2: Adrian Silas/Jasper Milo
    (I was going to go Little Women style with the first four girls, but I've yet to find an Elizabeth combo that I love.)
    Annie, mid-twenties, vegetarian, name lover. No kids yet, just two furbabies - Roxy & Layla.
    Top favorites for a girl: Beatrice Lily, Charlotte Amelia, Clara Louisa, Eliza Ruby, Josephine Alice, Katherine Annabel, Lillian Audrey, Margaret Helena, Matilda Iris, Philippa Violet
    Top favorites for a boy: Adrian Silas, Alexander Gray, Emmett Oliver, Jasper Milo, Julian Edward, Lucian Henry, Nathaniel August, Samuel Owen, Rowan Felix, Theodore August

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    Ooh, fun!

    DD1: Verity Elisabeth "Very"
    DD2: Juliet Catherine "Etta"
    DD3: Cecilia Jane "Cece"
    DD4: Rosalie Anne "Rosie"
    DD5/DD6: Mary Athena "Mena" & Louisa Beatrix "Lux"
    DS1/DS2: Edmund Charles "Eddie" & Wilbur Theodore "Will"

    I definitely couldn't cope with 8 children though, wow!

    Annora Juliet, Elspeth, Verity, Zelda, Josephine, Marianne, Rosemary Constance
    Edmund Henry, Wesley, Jonah, Gilbert, August, Winston, Hugh Theodore

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    Awww what a nice family:

    DD1: Neva Marie
    DD2: Seraphina Florence
    DD3: Harper Vienna
    DD4: Grace Charlotte
    DD5 and DD6: Phillipa Elle and Petra Emilia
    DS1 and DS2: Daniel Charles and Nicholas Taylor.

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