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    Quote Originally Posted by annie85 View Post
    Off the top of my head:
    DD1: Josephine Alice 'Josie'
    DD2: Margaret Adele 'Maggie'
    DD3: Catherine Annabel 'Catia'
    DD4: Charlotte Amelia
    DD5/DD6: Ruby Kerensa/Louisa Imogen
    DS1/DS2: Adrian Silas/Jasper Milo
    (I was going to go Little Women style with the first four girls, but I've yet to find an Elizabeth combo that I love.)
    Oh my word, Annie85...your name style and mine are SO similar! I love almost all those names. I'm kind of considering Alice Josephine for our expected baby, and Margaret was an old MN idea for her that my husband vetoed. Catherine is a long-standing favorite of mine that he won't consider, and I like Charlotte and Amelia too, but we know someone with each of those names, so they're out. Ruby's not my style, personally, but I've always thought it cute. Adrian is on my long list for boys, Silas is awesome, and I adore (but can't ever use) Jasper. Teehee. I just had to share my love.

    My replies are (assuming my husband actually liked all these names)...

    Alice & Fiona

    Charles & Marcus

    Honestly, though, this isn't my name nerd name nerd dream would be the exact opposite - 4 sons, twin sons, and then twin daughters.
    Speculative fiction writer and mother to Charles Theophilus (2.5 years), Corinna Melisande -- nicknamed Cora (13 months), and the Tiny Girl (due Feb. 2014). Lover of studious, ancient boy names and sweet, intelligent girl names with a touch of fairy-tale beauty.

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    DD- Helena Elise

    DD- Alice Beatrix

    DD- Susannah Ife

    DD- Freya Wren

    DD/DD - Phoebe Lucetta & Clara Juliet

    DS/DS - Alasdair Hugo & Leo Charles

    I had some trouble constructing this, especially when it came to pairing them with middle name. Though I think I'm very proud of the Leo Charles and Clara Juliet combination, by far they are my favourites.
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    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    Mother of three teenagers: (1) Daniel Glen, (2) Timothy Austin, and (3) Rebecca Jane. All middle names honor family, with Jane used three generations in a row. (A second girl would have been Susanna Eve).

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