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    You are now 16 years old. You have yet to make contact with Grace, out of fear of rejection, or tell your mom, Kimberly, you know where her biological mother is, even as she begins to topple over the edge. Work and school keep you distracted from your problems at home, but it doesn't last for very long. Your mom comes home from who knows where really, really late on a
    Monday night. You were up all night, worried out of your mind. She stumbles into the kitchen, drunk as usual, and you blow up at her. The two of you get into a fight which ends with you getting a concussion and your neighbor calling the cops after being woken up by yours and your mom's screams.

    After your mom is arrested, the state throws you into foster care. With no other family to take you in, you're put into a group home along with other teenagers ranging from thirteen to seventeen. But maybe you're not alone...You write a letter to Grace, telling her who you are, who your mother is, how you found her, and explain that you're writing to her to ask for her help. What else do you have to lose anyway? You send the letter.

    It's been 3 months since you wrote the letter and you've heard nothing from your grandmother. You've lost all faith in ever meeting her. But on a Sunday morning, while you're in the kitchen doing your chore of washing the breakfast dishes, Mrs. Thompson, the house mother, comes in. She informs you that, after you're done with the dishes, you are to go upstairs to your bedroom and pack your belongings. Your grandmother is here to take you home with her.

    You quickly finish with the dishes, then run to your room and pack your bags with shaking hands. You meet Mrs. Thompson and your grandmother, a petite, nicely dressed woman in her mid-sixties, down in the front hall. When she sees you, your grandmother smiles and even hugs you, saying you're even prettier than she pictured. She has black hair and blue eyes.

    On the way back to your grandmother's home in Albany, she asks you all sorts of questions: how old are you, what grade are you in, what do you like to do, etc. It takes a while for you to work up the nerve, but eventually you ask the big question: why did she put your mom up for adoption? Grace explains that she was only 18 when she began having an affair with your grandfather and was 19 when she had your mother. Her parents were more ashamed of having a daughter become pregnant out of wedlock than her having a romance with a married man. They convinced her it was best for her and the baby if she left her daughter to be raised by Carl and his wife, Phyllis, a married couple than by an unwed single mother. Her parents forbid her from ever telling anyone, even her husband and their daughters. It wasn't until she received your letter did she finally come clean with them. Once they assured her everything would be fine, and she went through the proper legal procedures, Grace came down to Virginia Beach to take custody of you. You couldn't be happier that she did.

    When you arrive at your grandmother's big, gorgeous house, your two aunts and cousins are there waiting to greet you with open arms and a party.

    Grandmother's house:

    You live with your grandmother and attend an elite private school for the next two years. Though you're living a life of luxury and your grandmother gives you almost whatever you want, you know better than to get too indulged in it. You learned from a young age how to take care of yourself and that hard work pays off in the long run, which is why you still continue to work. You get a job as your aunt Kayla's secretary at the firm your family owns. When it's time for you to leave for college, you insist on paying at least one third of the tuition. You go to Southern Virginia University in Buena Vista, Virginia majoring in Business, to pursue your dream career as a Business Owner.

    DGF: Carl Douglas Potter
    AGM: Phyllis Jean Potter
    DGM: Grace Lucille Campbell (54) - black hair, blue eyes
    --DD: Kimberly Erin McGill nee Potter (36) - brown hair, blue eyes
    ----DD: Savannah Mary McGill (16) - blonde hair, blue eyes
    --DD: Kayla Jacqueline Campbell-Rose (30)
    ---DH: Jared Alexander Rose (32)
    ----DS: Jesse Paul Rose (12)
    ----DS: Erik Mitchell Rose (10)
    ----DD: Cynthia April Rose (7)
    --DD: Holly Christina Campbell (27)
    ---DH: Juan Marcus Martinez (28)
    ----DD: Leah Gabrielle Campbell-Martinez (8)
    ----DS: Adrian Jesus Campbell-Martinez (5)

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