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  • Definitely girl

    17 14.17%
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    50 41.67%
  • More boy than girl

    38 31.67%
  • Definitely boy

    15 12.50%
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    I voted 'definitely girl' as I know a little girl named Darcy and Darby is very similar. I've also seen a female Darby on Facebook, so maybe that's why I see it as female too. However, when you say the name along with your other children, it sounds more masculine and handsome. Maybe use it as a middle name instead?
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    I voted more girl than boy, but I'd have to say only slightly. I think of Kim Darby from True Grit which is what skews it toward the girl side. If I heard the sibset Vale, Flynn, and Darby I would guess 3 boys, though I wouldn't be dumbfounded to find that Vale and Darby were girls.
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    Hello everyone! Darby is 16months old now! Love it when old threads get resurrected - people are so much more honest than when they know kids actually exist... Hehe! Thanks for all your input though! Jessie x

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    Haha! Just saw your update but I'll post this anyway.

    Darby is my puppy's name (sorry, I love it on a person too!) and he's a boy. He was a stray and would not have made it, but a private animal shelter went and picked him up at the last minute, his rescuer was apparently also into names...she renamed him Darby because she read that it meant "free".
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    Feel free lineska! Glad your Darby has got a good home now! There may be another Darby up for rehoming soon if he doesn't start to behave himself a bit better...!

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