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    Cute name, not so cute nickname

    My husband and I are due with our second child in a month! We currently have a 17 month old daughter named Eloise and are expecting a boy. We've gone back and forth the whole pregnancy about what to name him! Since we are sticking with older family names, one of our top names is Chester (my husband's middle name and his grandfather's name). I think it could be really cute! Especially the nickname Ches.

    But then there is the unfortunate nickname Chester the Molester 😳 I just can't bring myself to name my son something that could potentially be really hurtful! My husband was raised to love his middle name and respect it enough to not let anyone make fun of him for it. I'm just afraid our son won't be as strong.

    A really troubling thing I'm having is we met a lady at the hospital who made this comment while laughing when she found out my husband's middle name, "aren't you glad your parents didn't name you that?!" my husband didn't even give it a second thought, but it ate away at me for days.

    We've been told to use it as a middle name instead if we're worried about the nickname, but don't like how it sounds with our other top name, Porter. What do I do? Put my foot down and say no way? Or try my best to raise my son to respect it and understand where it came from?

    Any input and advice for this emotionally confused pregnant mama would be greatly appreciated!!

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    I, personally, wouldn't use Chester because of the whole "Chester the Molester" thing. I went to school with a Chester and that was his nickname. I think Charles would be a nice tribute. Charles Porter or Porter Charles. Just my opinion.

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