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    I arranged the girls into my order of preference:
    Amelia Rose - Love! Beautiful. I do think the middle Rose is a bit overdone and the combo is pretty popular, but both names are fantastic.
    Ava Lynn - I love Ava. I totally see why it's popular. Like with Rose, I'd change Lynn for a more interesting middle (Ava Gertrude? Ava Althea?) because Ava is so popular, but I do really love Ava.
    Bridget Hope- Great combo! Very strong and beautiful.
    Elizabeth Gertrude- I'd ditch Gertrude if it's not honoring someone. If it is, keep it. I like Elizabeth because it's so classic and because of the nickname options- there's so many to choose from!
    Althea Joan - I'm not the #1 Althea fan, but I like the nn options of Allie and Thea.
    Samantha Jean- Not my taste, but a good, safe choice.
    Cassidy Faith - Cassidy is a bit dated and not really my taste, but it's not a bad name. Have you considered Cassandra?
    Reanna May- Reanna just looks trendy and invented. I'd suggest Briana, Rhiannon, or Ariana instead. May is great in the middle.
    Ashlyn Caroline - Not an Ashlyn fan. I'm so-so when it's spelled Aislinn, but even then it's not my favorite. I like Caroline.
    Brookelyn Marie- No, on every level. Brookelyn is already dated and really not very classy in my opinion. It's also a bit ridiculous to me as, I've lived most of my life very close to Brooklyn. Marie is alright, but it's such a filler middle that it just makes Brookelyn seem even trendier than it already is.

    The Boys Top 10
    Austin James - Meh. I'm very neutral on this.
    Matthew Thomas - Very solid and classic. Nothing terribly exciting, but nothing bad either.
    Bradley Connor- I think I might like seeing a little Bradley, certainly more than a Kaye'donn. It is a little dated, but I still think it's a good name.
    Aiden Michael - Aiden is epidemic, and while I get the appeal, I think it's a choice you may regret in the future.
    Avan Kain- How do you pronounce this? Like Aiden with a v? Or like Evan? uh-VON?
    Collin Mathias - LOVE Mathias, and Collin is nice.
    Noah Lucas- Noah's not for me, but Noah Lucas is a good, solid combo.
    Jackson Travis - I love Jack, not so much Jackson. It's not bad, though.
    Tyson Randall - I prefer Tynan.
    Richard Davis- Not a fan of Richard. I know a teenaged Richard who gets made fun of for his name (or rather, an old nickname for it.) I like its history and I like it in the middle, but personally I'd switch Richard and Davis here.

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    All the best,

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    Honest opinion? YOU'RE SO LUCKY TO HAVE **10** NAMES OF EACH GENDER!!!!!! Hubby and I negotiate for months to wrangle out just ONE name we both like. Seriously, if I were in your position, I would narrow the list down to five or maybe three top favorites and then pick the one that seems most appropriate when I actually get to hold the child.

    If any of these names has particular sentimental value, or contains a name of a relative, I would give priority to those. If you're interested in the meaning of the names, it might be a good idea to look them up and see what is most appealing.

    Based solely on sound, here are my thoughts and observations, and arranged approximately from favorite to least favorite:


    Ashlyn Caroline - I kind of like this one! Ashlyn might be a little old but it was never overused and I like it with Caroline.

    Amelia Rose - Amelia is so old it's fresh again. Rose is a little tired but this combination is appealing.

    Ava Lynn - Ava is one of the top names right now. Very pretty but paired with Lynn it runs together as one long first name.

    Elizabeth Gertrude - Gertrude is just too old lady for me. I would pair it with a "younger" name. Elizabeth is classic so it's hard to go wrong with that one.

    Reanna May - Is this a different spelling of Rihanna?

    Bridget Hope - Just neutral on this one, Bridget feels a little tired, Hope is unusual and familiar and good.

    Samantha Jean - This one feels very dated.

    Althea Joan - A little too out there for me.

    Brookelyn Marie - This one feels EXTREMELY dated.

    Cassidy Faith - Sorry, I just don't like Cassidy.


    Collin Mathias - I like this one. I have seen objection to Collin because it's close to colon, you'll have to make that call yourself. Matthias is so old it's new again so I love it.

    Noah Lucas - This one sounds like a 2012 name. Noah seems to be back, but not crazy popular.

    Richard Davis - I think Richard is a good, solid name, and Davis sounds good with it.

    Matthew Thomas - Masculine and solid, not trendy but familiar.

    Bradley Connor - This one sounds more young and trendy, again a little dated but not as much as Austin.

    Austin James - Austin is still a little too early-'90s trendy for me. LOVE James.

    Aiden Michael - No. Unless you like being part of a HUGE name trend.

    Avan Kain - Sorry, this one doesn't appeal.

    Jackson Travis - I don't care for this one, -son names as first names annoy me and I just plain don't like Travis.

    Tyson Randall - another -son and besides it makes me think of the food brand Tyson as well as Mike Tyson.

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    Looks like it's a girl!

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    Great picks all around
    Amelia Rose - quite lovely and classy!
    Bridget Hope - Quite fun and fresh combo!
    Elizabeth Gertrude - Gertrude is really frumpy, but Elizabeth is such a great classic that it doesn't matter!

    Not quite my style, but no concerns
    Samantha Jean - Samantha is a nice name that feels like it might have passed its prime, and Jean doesn't really dress it up. Still, a fine choice overall.

    Ava Lynn - Ava is a pretty name that is super super trendy at the moment, and Lynn doesn't do much to balance it. Still quite an appealing choice overall though. It does kind of feel like you're saying Evelyn...

    Ashlyn Caroline: Not a huge fan of Ashlyn, I have some of the same concerns I would have about Brookelyn, but Ashlyn a little less so and Caroline dresses it up nicely.

    Althea Joan - both of these names are mildly old-lady to me, but in an appealing way in a way. Very unique and cool and hip in a way.

    Cassidy Faith - Cassidy seems more boyish than your average taste, but it's a perfectly fine name and I like it with Faith. I guess with Faith it faintly evokes Chastity Faith, hmm....

    Might advise against:
    Brookelyn Marie: Brookelyn looks misspelled, and also looks past its prime in a big way (Samantha is, but has a history to turn to, I feel like). If you have a meaningful connection to Brooklyn, I can see it (but spell it that way), but if you don't, this makes the name kind of annoying, honestly. Marie is a perfectly nice name but next to Brookelyn feels filler-y.

    Reanna May - Reanna blurs into Rhiannon/Rihanna/Breanna and just doesn't feel like its own name.

    Will do boys in a subsequent post...

    The Boys Top 10
    Austin James
    Matthew Thomas
    Bradley Connor
    Aiden Michael
    Avan Kain
    Collin Mathias
    Noah Lucas
    Jackson Travis
    Tyson Randall
    Richard Davis

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    Great picks all around
    Austin James - I quite like Austin, and it's well paired with James. It alludes to August without being as frumpy as him.
    Matthew Thomas - two solid great Biblical names.
    Collin Mathias - love both these names and they're OK. I just think the default spelling for both would be different - Colin Matthias?
    Noah Lucas - two handsome Biblical names.

    Not quite my style, but no real concerns
    Bradley Connor - Bradley just feels like his day came in the 1980s, but it's not an unattractive name.
    Aiden Michael - it's perfectly nice, but there are bazillions of Aiden's / boys with names that rhyme with Aiden.
    Jackson Travis - Jackson is a little too not timeless for me, but Jack is great and it's a perfectly reasonable name. Combines nicely with Travis.
    Richard Davis - Richard feels on the dated side but it is also sort of timeless and nns Rick or Rich are cute. Like Davis quite well.

    Might advise against
    Avan Kain - OK, Avan will just get heard as Ava and ppl will think he's a girl, plus it rhymes with all the Aidens, plus Kain makes me think of Cain, the first murderer. Just not a good combo.
    Tyson Randall - Tyson just makes me think of Mike Tyson and of Tyson chicken products. Just not great associations. Randall doesn't dress it up any, it's pretty dated.

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