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    I don't have any kids yet. I'm hoping for 2 or 3. 3 is my ideal number. I think my absolute max would be 5. As in if I got to a 5th kid, I'd be getting my tubes tied or something, haha. I definitely want more than one but I don't want to be anywhere near the amount of kids the Duggars have! That's way too many!

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    I want four, my bf wants two.

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    I'm single, but I've always wanted a big family (except for a brief time in college when I wanted to be single forever, haha). I'd like 4 or 5, but many people have told me that once I actually start having kids I might change my mind. We'll see! It seems a lot more reasonable than when I was ten and wanted 12, haha. Nothing against anyone who has a very large family, like the Duggars, but I just cannot imagine doing that myself. More power to them, they are braver than I!
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    Before we got married I made my husband swear that he was really fine with the idea of never having any children because I just wasn't sure I would ever want to be pregnant. A year and a half into our marriage I asked him if he wanted to try...just on a whim. We only tried for a month and now 10 months later I'm sitting here with our baby daughter! During my awful pregnancy I made him swear he wouldn't mind if we never had another because I hated being pregnant so much! Now I'm already thinking about #2! So right now I'm going with 2 as my maximum...but maybe I will end up a Dugger!

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    I think 4. I love families of 4. They just feel complete to me. Everyone thinks it's too many, though and I'm not sure I will ever find a guy who wants that many. 3 would be okay. But right now I really want two of each... or maybe 3 boys and a girl. But it's that stuff that doesn't get to be decided.

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