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Thread: Japanese names

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    I've always liked the name Momoko, i think its so cute!!! ^_^

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    (@triplicate - As far as I know Sora is unisex, but is far more common for girls.)

    Sayuri is so pretty, my favourite from your list, and Momoko is completely adorable. Japanese names always have such lovely meanings.

    When you say an "R" it is a strange mixture of the standard English "R" sound, an "L" and a "D". Kind of like a really light R, or at least a heavy L that sounds kind of like an R, kind of like a D. If you're interested there are a lot of videos on YouTube that teach you how to make the sound.

    Here are some Japanese names I think might work for the English speaker:
    Haruna (hah-roo-nah)
    Kaori (kah-oo-ree)
    Misaki (mee-sah-kee, one of my favourites but very common in Japan)
    Rina (ree-nah)
    Takara (tah-kah-rah)
    Akemi (ah-keh-mee, kind of like ahk-Amy)
    Airi (ah-ee-ree)
    Shiori (shee-oh-ree, one of my absolute favourites because it means "bookmark" .)

    Ryo or Ryou (kind of like "r'yoh", or "ree-oh" but smushed into one syllable. Rhymes with Jo)
    Sho or Shou (shoh, also rhymes with Jo)
    Kenta (kehn-tah. There's also Ken, "kehn", but people will probably just think that's short for Kenneth or Kennedy)
    Akio (ah-kee-oh)
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    Some of the names mentioned above appear also in Finnish, as was suspected. They might also be Japanese and coincidentally duplicated, or not .

    Riku (boys, variation of Rikhard, Rickard, Grigori, Gregori or Risto)
    Kimi (boys, from Joachim)
    Marika (girls, a form of Maria)
    Airi (girls, I couldn't find the etymology)
    Saima (girls, derived from name of Saimaa lake, originally a name which has come from the Sami people and the name is actually connected with the name of the people)
    Kaimi and Miiaka however are not Finnish names actually, even though not impossible ones. Throughout the history, there have been a handful of children, both boys and girls with name Kaimi, but no Miiakas. Miia on the other hand is fairly popular Finnish name. Aika is Finnish for time, not used as a name.

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    Here are some Japanese names of some of my family members

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    Quote Originally Posted by triplicate View Post
    A person with a Japanese name will get two assumptions. If they don't show visible Asian ancestry, they will get "Japanophile", which nowadays normally means "otaku". As an otaku myself, I admit I make those assumptions... though they are statistically supported.

    Examination of US naming statistics shows that most Japanese-Americans don't have Japanese first names; there aren't nearly enough given to make up for the proportion of the population that's Japanese. This fits with the names of most Asian-Americans I know of. Even of the number that are given, I have to wonder how many are actually used by Japanese.

    I agree with this. I'm actually half-Chinese, and I don't have a Chinese name. I have a nickname used when we go to Taiwan for my relatives, but not a given one. My mom moved her Chinese name to the middle spot and took on an English first name. It's to avoid mispronunciation and to assimilate into the new culture. In college, I only met a couple of Asian girls who actually did not take on an English name. The reasoning for this is usually because they plan on living in China after college. They have no need to take on an English name.

    Being a big fan of anime and mange, though I don't know if I would consider myself an otaku, I think if you had no Japanese background and used the name, that would make you an otaku. There are just certain borders I wouldn't cross. I'd save those pretty Japanese names for a pet.

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