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Thread: Alexander?

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    If you love a name the fact that it is in say the top 10 shouldnt be an issue.

    Alexander is a fave boys name and will definately a name we would give to a future son

    Love it
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    Very handsome with lots of great nns. If you don't care about the popularity (I wouldn't) and you and your husband agree about the ex thing, then sure! I think another pp said something similar - this is a name that's almost common enough that it's not like the associations are that strong. I dated a Matthew and if I wanted to name my son that I wouldn't think anything of it (I like the name but it's not quite my style)! We also weren't the most serious of bf/gf...maybe if this was a more serious relationship it's a little odder? You would know more than I : D. Good luck and all best!

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    I think Alexander is great for a boy. It is definitely common, but you are obviously fine with that. For nicknames, I personally like just Alex better. Xander is cool but sounds too "video game" for me.

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