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    May 2013
    DW: Megan
    DH: John
    Location: Ireland
    Jobs: Megan is a midwife and John is a film director

    DS1: Zachariah Paul
    DS2: Damian Brennan
    DS3: Kenneth Auden
    DD1: June Alyssa
    DD2/DD3/DS4: Rosalie Cecilia, Eleanor Josephine & Dylan Jethro
    DD4: Imogen Dahlia
    DS5: Adrian James
    DD5: Amelia Charlotte
    DS6: Maxen Casimir
    DD6: Eliza Catherine
    DS7: Theo Edison
    DS8/DD7: Ashley Mason & Lucille Matilda

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    Your Name is: Natalie Grace Davidson
    DH’s name is: Aaron James Davidson
    Where do you live?: New York City
    Occupations: Aaron is a police officer and Natalie is a kindergarten teacher.

    DS- Elias Levi Davidson

    DS- Oliver Calhoun Davidson

    DS- BellamyBellAlden Davidson

    DD- June Abigail Davidson

    DD/DD- Lily Caroline Davidson and EleanorNorahJane Davidson

    DD- Iris Laurel Davidson

    DS- Austin Gabriel Davidson

    DD- GeorgiaGeorgieCharlotte Davidson

    DS- MaxenMaxAlexander Davidson

    DD- Violet Lydia Davidson

    DS- Charlie Beckett Davidson

    DS/DD- ScottScottyHenry Davidson and Molly Ava Davidson

    Aaron and Natalie Davidson
    Elias, Oliver, Bell, June, Lily, Norah, Iris, Austin, Georgie, Max, Violet, Charlie, Scotty, and Molly
    A few favorites...

    Violet | Lily | Natalie | Opal | Cleo | Saoirse | Laurel | Guinevere | Margaret | Molly
    Henry | Peter | Jack | Nathaniel | Darcy | August | Eli | Alexander | Gabriel | Remy

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    Your Name is: Liz Davis
    Your Husbands Name is: Ashton Davis
    Where do you live? New York
    What is you and your husbands occupations? Editor of a magazine and a music producer

    (1) If you are right handed you have a boy, if you are left handed you have a girl
    Boys First name from:
    Girls First name from:
    Middle name from:

    Name: Isaac Brooks Davis

    (2) Your second pregnancy produces a son
    His First name from:
    His Middle name from:

    Name: Brady Nolan Davis

    (2) If you wear reading glasses, permanent glasses or contacts you then have a girl. If you dont need any of those you then have a boy.
    Girls First name from:
    Boys First name from:
    Middle Name from:

    Name: Calla Arden Davis

    (4) On Valentines day you give birth to a beautiful baby girl
    Her First name from:
    Her Middle name from:

    Name: Summer Lillian Davis

    (5) After a few years of raising your 4 children you decide to add to your family again. You fall pregnant with twins.
    If you have straight hair you have GGB
    If you have wavy hair you have BG
    If you have curly hair you have BBG
    First and Middle names from:

    Names: Quinn Natalia Davis and Ivy Caroline Davis

    (6) If your birthday month is between JanuaryJune you have a boy, If your birthday month is between JulyDecember you have a girl
    First name from:
    Middle name from:

    Name: Ian Gardener Davis

    (7) If you prefer gold jewellery you have a girl, If you prefer silver jewellery you have a boy.
    Boys First name from:
    Girl First name from:
    Boys Middle name from:
    Girls Middle name from:

    Name: Colton James Davis

    (8) Soon you are pregnant again, this time with a Girl, she shares the same birthday as her Daddy
    First name from:
    Middle name from:

    Name: Audrey Eleonore Davis

    (9) On a date night celebrating your wedding anniversary you fall pregnant again, you are one fertile momma! You give birth nine months later to a cute baby boy
    First name from:
    Middle name from:

    Name: Hunter Samuel Davis

    (10) When your youngest son starts preschool you realise that you may be pregnant again, you take a home test and it confirms you are expecting again. You decide to wait until the birth to find out the gender. Months later you give birth to a happy healthy baby.
    If you wear a watch you have a boy, If you do not wear a watch you have a girl.
    First Name from:
    Middle name from:

    Name: Adeline Sophia Davis

    (11) When your youngest baby is only a year old you discover you are expecting again! You cannot believe it! You also decide to keep this baby’s sex a surprise. If your last baby was a girl you give birth to a boy. If your last baby was a boy you give birth to a girl.
    Boys First name from:
    Girls First name from:
    Middle name from:

    Name: Theo Reeve Davis

    (12) 4 years later at a routine doctor check-up you are told you are expecting again, and with twins! This is most definitely your last pregnancy!
    If you prefer bananas you have BB Twins
    If you prefer apples you have BG Twins
    If you prefer oranges you have GG Twins
    Boys First name from:
    Girls first name from:
    Middle names from:

    Names: Stephanie Charlotte Davis and Casey Adelaide Davis

    Please list all you, your children and their ages!
    Isaac 20
    Brady 19
    Calla 18
    Summer 17
    Quinn 13
    Ivy 13
    Ian 12
    Colton 11
    Audrey 10
    Hunter 8
    Adeline 5
    Theo 4
    Stephanie newborn
    Casey newborn

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    My results!

    Your Name is: Lillian Faith
    Your Husbands Name is: Finley Leo
    Where do you live? Madrid, Spain
    What is you and your husbands occupations? Waitress and builder

    (1): Jonas Zachariah

    (2): Oliver Flynn

    (3): Autumn Isabella

    (4): Lily Clover

    (5): Ivy Blossom

    (6): Colt Mason

    (7): Emma Sophie

    (8): Hunter James

    (9): Clementine Harriet

    (10): Charlie Jagger

    (11): Crystal Piper & Brianna Adelaide

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