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    Your name is Ms. Jenni and you are a teacher at Pinewood, an elementary school in Eagan. It is your fifth year at the school and you are excited for the next year and the new kids.
    How old are you? 29

    What grade do you teach? second grade

    How many students will be in your class? 18 students

    Roll the dice for each child to find out the gender:
    List their names here:

    1.B - Ethan Michael Thomas

    2.G - Sophia Grace Robinson

    3.G - Olivia Kate Williams

    4.B - Jayden Patrick White

    5.B - Noah Alexander Clark

    6.B - Aiden James Roberts

    7.G - Abigail Rose Campbell (Abby)

    8.B - Elijah Christopher Morris (EJ)

    9.B - Gabriel Joseph Gonzalez (Gabe)

    10.B - Benjamin Ryan Phillips (Ben)

    11.G - Leah Ann Johnson

    12.B - Brayden Nicholas Cook

    13.B - Luke George Patterson

    14.B - Jordan Anthony Simmons

    15.G - Makayla Rose Bryant

    16.B - Gavin Isaac Griffin

    17.B - Evan James Reynolds

    18.G - Riley Charlotte Simpson

    In mid-November of that year, your classroom gets a new student. He/she is brought in by the vice-principal, holding her hand tightly, and not making eye contact with anyone. You smile down at him/her and he/she returns it shyly. You sit them down at an empty seat in the front of the class. Gradually, the child opens up and reveals a very friendly, outgoing, and sweet personality.
    What is the child's name & gender? Girl, Jacqueline Denise

    What does the child look like? Blond hair & blue eyes

    When parent-teacher conferences roll around after Christmas break, you meet your new student's guardian, Ross, who is his/her uncle. He also brings along your student's younger sister to the meeting. During the interview, and the kids are playing on the rug in the back of the classroom, you ask him why the children are living with him. He tells that his little brother and sister-in-law were killed in a plane crash heading to the States from the Caribbean last year and he was named next of kin by his brother. He was living in Minneapolis at the time, in an area which he didn't think was the best environment to raise two orphaned children in and they relocated to Eagan. He says he's glad to see his niece/nephew is so happy in school.

    How old is your student's uncle? 39

    What does he look like? Dark brown hair & light blue eyes

    What does he do for a living? Doctor

    What is your student's little sister's name? Megan Margaret

    How old is she? Five

    What does she look like? Light-blond hair & brown eyes

    You see more and more of Ross, even after your child leaves your class. Eventually, the two of you and boyfriend and girlfriend.

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