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    1. If you are named after a family member- your first & middle name come from:
    Your Name: Emma Josephine

    2. If you are from the north- your hubby's first & middle names come from:
    Hubby's Name: Sullivan Chase

    2. If your favorite number is from 0-20 you have one girl, first & middle name from:
    Name: Nell Josephine

    3. If you haven't gone to college you have (G/G) twins- first&middle names from:
    Names: Petra Eve

    4. If you are 20 or younger you have a boy, first and middle name from:
    Name(s): Hugo Phineas

    5. If you are so-so about veggies you have (G/G/G) triplets, first and middle names from:
    Names: Avery Sky, Rowan Scout and Finley Taylor

    6. If you know how to swim you have (B/B/G/G) Quadruplets, boys' first and middles names from:, girls' first and middle names from:
    Names: Remus Seneca, Atticus Felix, Gemma Valentia and Cadenza Violetta

    7. If you don't have a favorite sport you have (G/G/G) triplets, girls' first and middle names from:
    Names: Natalya Estrella and Katya Niamh

    List all of your names: Nell, Petra, Hugo, Avery, Rowan, Finley, Remus, Atticus, Gemma, Cadenza, Natalya and Katya.

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