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    or zola? Also Zia is cute

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    Like a couple of PP, I thought of Zola, especially since you like the nn Nola.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. These are great. I love Zola, but I don't think that we'll be able to get over the fact that I named my first dog "Zolie" (which I loved). I'm going to try on Xanthe and Zia for size. I do like Zinnia a lot too.

    I still like Magnolia, but wonder now if it's too matchy with Cecilia? (The Lia ending...) We intended to just match the "Ah" sound.

    We also came up with Zariah... I wonder if it's too "Sarah" derivative, but I do like it.
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    LOVE Zenobia and Magnolia. Love. Other suggestions: Zephyra, Zafira and Zarina. I also think Magnolia and Cecilia are great together and not too matchy. The -lia ending and amount of syllables are really the only things similar about them, but the letters vary and the sounds are quite different. (please vote!)

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    Agree, that Zenobia is a bit much and that Magnolia fits well.

    Love the suggestions of Zinnia and Zora.

    Zara is nice too, but there's a prominent clothing store chain named Zara, so you might consider that.
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