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    For siblings, yes, too close. For Grandmother and Grandaughter, definitely not too similar.

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    I do think they would be too similar sounding if they were siblings, but, since it's your MIL, I think it's fine! Not too similar in this case.

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    thanks for all of your opinions it really helps a lot

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    If Scarlett and Charlotte were siblings I would say yes, but I don't think it's too much of an issue if it's similar to you're MIL name. The only time I see it causing any confusion is if you and your daughter were with your MIL and you were calling to one or the other. Other than that I don't see it being too similar not to choose the name if you really love it.

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    If they were siblings- like everyone else has said- yes, they are too close. However, for a grandmother and grandaughter, then it's fine. It may even be a cute little nod to Grandma, intended or not. If you really love the name, then go for it! It's adorable!

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