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    Your name is Melissa and you've lived your life crushing on the most popular boy at school. He's super sporty and muscular, and he's the captain of the football team. His first and middle names is from:

    What's his name? Ashe Kenyon

    When he asks you to be his date to senior prom, you almost die of happiness!
    What does your prom dress look like?
    Red dress

    Your prom is a blast. You dance the night away with Ashe and all of your best friends. When it's over, he convinces you to get a hotel room with him, and, after awhile, you agree to it. A few weeks later, your realize that you're pregnant. You call him and give him the news, and he says that he's not helping you raise the baby and doesn't like you anymore.

    You're crushed. You cry to your mom, and though she's not proud of you, she comforts you and promises to help you with the baby. Nine months later, you're lying in the hospital bed, cradling your beautiful baby in your arms.

    What name and gender is your baby? Roll dice.
    3. A girl, first and middle names from:
    Amelia Juliet

    4 years later, you're working a pretty stable job as a librarian, and you and your four-year-old child share a small apartment. You're child is doing very well in pre-school, and he/she loves to talk and play with you.

    One day you and your child both slept in late and therefore don't have time to eat breakfast. On the way to pre-school, you stop at Dunkin' Donuts to get yourself a coffee and a donut for your child. Behind you in line is a tall, handsome man who's carrying a fussy two-year-old blond boy in his arms.
    What does the man look like? Roll dice.

    You smile at him and he smiles back, and he introduces himself. What's his name?
    Alexander Christian

    He introduces the little blond boy as his son. What's his son's name?
    Finnian Alben

    You introduce yourself and your child and talk to Alex some more. You find out that he's a single dad and works as a Lab assistant. His girlfriend left him for a muscular body-builder. You can relate to this, as your child's father is now married to the girl who was the cheer captain in high school. Alex asks you on a date, and, smiling, you happily accept.

    How many years do you date until you get married? 2
    How old are your kids when you get married? 6 and 4
    How does DH propse? On vacation
    Where do you go on a honeymoon? Italy
    How many times do you an DH get pregnant together?
    2 times

    When you come back from you're honeymoon, you find out that you're pregnant. You're both so happy. Your child and step child are both so happy, too. Nine months later, you deliver a healthy baby.
    What's the baby's name and gender?
    6. Boy-boy twins, Ben Ralph & Seth John

    A year passes, and your first child is 7 years old, your step-son is 5 years old, and your youngest children are 1 year old. You miss having a newborn around, so you and DH decide to try for another baby. Nine months later, you welcome new arrivals to your family.

    What's the babies' names and genders?
    5. Girl-Girl-Girl triplets, first and middle names from
    Isabella Aurora, Liliana Scarlett and Seraphina Mirabelle

    Alex & Melissa
    Amelia, 8
    Finnian, 6
    Ben & Seth, 2
    Isabella, Liliana & Seraphina, 12 months
    Baby Boy due in October

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