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    I think they sound lovely together. They both start with a "C" but are different enough. Personally, I wouldn't worry about potentially setting yourself up for a "C" theme. I know sisters Elenora and Eva and they have a younger brother named Theodore. You don't have to stick to "C" names if you don't want to!

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    Claire and Caroline are gorgeous together! I agree although they share similar sounds, they seem totally different.
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    I agree with the pp's. However, if it does worry you, how about going with Catherine or Charlotte, instead?

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    I know what you mean, but I don't think it's an issue. But, I LOVE kyemsa's suggestions of either Catherine or Charlotte! Regal and GORGEOUS, and less similar to Claire in sound. Charlotte is basically Caroline in disguise and vice versa, so you may like that better than Catherine, but Catherine is also just lovely. Precious daughters!
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    Thanks for all of your input. My daughter's full name is Claire Kathryn (so Catherine as a first name is out, but obviously one of our favorites too!)...both of her names are family names, and Caroline is a combo of the 2 grandmothers (Karen and Marilyn, but we prefer CaroLINE (long i) to Carolyn (short i). And our son's name is Evan Grant, so technically a 'C' theme would not be the case except for with the girls! I guess my main concern is the /ar/ (sounds like 'air') commonality in both Claire and Caroline--the rhyming effect, etc, which may make the names confusing when heard aloud!

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