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    Adelina - like a lot, although it's a bit of a mouthful. Adeline?
    Adelyn - prefer spelling Adeline, but this spelling's actually been around forever (though it does look more modern).
    Alaina - Pretty but close to a lot of other names. Helena?
    Alanna - Pretty but could have a little more substance.
    Anna (too popular?) - it is popular, but in a timeless way. I really like it.
    Ashlyn - pretty of-the-moment. Aisling prn the same way is very Irish heritage if you like it, but true, hard to pronounce.
    Aubree/Aubrey - I really like it, esp spelled Aubrey, but it is on the rise.
    Carina - I want to spell it with a K since the people I know with this name spell it this way, pretty, Scandinavian.
    Carrie-Lynn (or Kellie-Lynn?) - Caroline?
    Cheyenne (a lot of people seem to not like this name but I think it's cute...) - pretty, but of-the-moment and kinda trying hard to be Indian?
    Chloe (too popular?) - I think it's beautiful and there's actually a Chloe in the New Testament I think to give it some history (if you like that), but it is also very Khloe Kardashian right now...
    Isabella (again, popularity) - beautiful, but yeah, way of the moment. Arabella? Elizabeth (popular but timeless)
    Marilyn (is that a bad idea with Marilyn Monroe?) - I don't think Marilyn Monroe is the problem, just that it's kind of dated, but not the worst dated name, I do kind of like it. Madeline, Magdalen, Mary?
    Melody - pretty, ever so slightly hippy-esque to me.
    Mia - pretty, but of-the-moment and kind of not enough name.
    Nala (Lion King association) - pretty but kind of made up.
    Reese - boy's name or candy or Reese Witherspoon...a bit too much. Theresa nn Reese?
    Sage - is a spice, maybe a boy's name, or a word for wise - I just can't get into it I'm afraid.
    Seraphina/Sarafina - definitely the first spelling if you do it. But c'mon, this is the Affleck baby, I would argue. Josefina? Sefarina? The latter is a pretty, real name, although probably everyone will just think her name is Seraphina a lot...
    Zoe/Zoey - I like it but it's kind of riding Chloe's coat-tails.

    Top picks: Adelina, Adelyn, Anna, Aubrey, Carina, Zoe. Good luck!

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    I agree with the other poster, I prefer Elaina to Alaina, but also I have seen 'Alayna' which I thought was super cute or 'Elayna'
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    Adelina--princessy and pretty and sweet, and I like the nns for it (especially Addy and Lena/Lina). I do prefer Madelina, though.
    Adelyn--I like Adelina more, but I do like it. Again, love Addy/Addie.
    Alaina--I like the sound of it, but I vastly prefer Elena, and even then, I like Eleni (eh-LEN-ee) even more.
    Alanna--I like this better than Alaina/Elaina, actually. I prefer Alannah, but it's really sweet. I like the nns Allie, Alo, and Annie.
    Anna--it's classic, elegant. I don't think Anna could ever be too popular! Anna Violet Pearl was on my list for a short while!
    Ashlyn--I use Ashlyn/Aislinn as my online username all the time, haha, if it's not ashthedreamer. I love it! I couldn't use it since I'm Ashley, though.
    Aubrey--I like Audrey a lot more. I actually love Aubrey on a boy.
    Carina--I prefer Corinne, too. I used to like Karina (this spelling) a lot, but it seems dated/overdone to me now.
    Carrie-Lynn/Kellie-Lynn--both seem really 80s-ish to me. I would like Carolyn though.
    Cheyenne--too cowgirlish to me. I used to love it, though, and the one Cheyenne I know is too cute!
    Chloe--yeah, too popular for me, but I would consider it (and have) as a MN in a heartbeat! I think it's really sweet. I have considered Genevieve Chloe and Emmeline Chloe several times...
    Isabella--Isabelle is my favorite girls' name. I LOVE Isabella, but Isabelle seems just perfect to me. I love the nns Izzy and Bella.
    Marilyn--I like Mary a lot more. It does remind me of Marilyn Monroe a lot. Speaking of which, I like Monroe a lot more than Marilyn, too.
    Melody--sweet, but I like Elodie more.
    Mia--sweet. I do like it, but it's too popular for me. I like Amelia, Emilia, and Damiana with the nn Mia more.
    Nala--I too prefer the Nahla spelling. It's sweet, but too much Lion King for me.
    Reese--I prefer Rhys on a boy.
    Sage--okay, but I like Gage more, on a boy.
    Seraphina--I like it, but it's related to the Afflecks too much for me. :/
    Zoey--I like Chloe more, but Zoe is sweet. I prefer this as a MN, too.

    Isabella, Alanna(h), Mia, and Adelina are my favorites. Good luck!
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    My favourites are - Mia, Reese and Sage. I don't really like the rest that much sorry due to popularity or too trendy. I'm not big on names like Adelyn, Ashlyn etc. My absolute favourite would be Mia. That's on my short list for a girl as well.
    Good luck
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    Ashlyn, Carina and Meoldy are my favorites from your list. If I may, I'd like to suggest Asha, as well. I know a little girl named Asha Lyn. I don't recall where they got Asha from. Lyn is from a grandma named Marilyn. Although, when her older brother says her first and middle together, it does sound like he's saying Ashlyn!

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