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    Your name is Evangeline Wren Henderson and last year you divorced your abusive husband, William Jones McAlistair, who had gotten violent with you and your children after he started to drink heavily once he was laid off from his job. You got full custody of your children, you go back to your maiden name as well as change their last name to your maiden name, and moved to a new house in Huston, Texas. You can afford living with your job as a nurse. Your ex-husband moved to a different state and no one has heard from him since. You prefer to keep it that way.

    How old are you when you divorce your husband? I was 33 years old

    How many children do you have, how old are they, & what are their names? I have four children 8 year old twins named Jasper Lewis and Isla Clementine, a 6 year old son named Felix Rupert and a 4 year old daughter named Freya Hermione

    What does your new house look like: Our house looks like this -

    Your eldest child, Jasper , has become good friends with another child about their age in the same neighborhood since your family has settled into your new house. When your son is invited to the child's birthday party, you go with him and meet their friend's father, a widower and am engineer named Jarrett Alexander JamisonJett’ . 6 months later, you're dating him.

    How old is he? He is 35 years old

    How many kids does he have, how old are they, & what are their names? He has two children an 8 year old son named Alexander JohnLex’ and a 4 year old son named Philip JeffersonPip

    3 years later, your boyfriend proposes to you! You two buy a house together big enough to fit all your kids and six months later, the two of you are married. After the wedding, you go on your honeymoon to (LOCATION) and when you return, you adopt his children and he adopts yours.

    How does he propose? He takes you on a special walk through a trail in the park. At the end, you reach a rowboat in the water. He rows you in it to a location where he already had candles (unlit) and a full picnic basket set up.

    What kind of wedding, gown, & engagement ring do you have? A shades of purple wedding; your gown looks like; your ring looks like

    What does your new house look like? Our new house looks like this -
    IM A NURSE!!
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