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    What Would You Name...

    a girl?
    a boy?
    twin girls?
    twin boys?
    five girls?
    five boys?

    a dog?
    a cat?
    a fish?
    a hamster?
    a tultre?
    a teddy bear?
    a walrus?
    a horse?

    a boat?
    an airline company?
    a boutique?
    a zoo?
    a department store?

    a book?
    a play?
    a song?
    a painting?
    a sculpture?

    a country?
    a city?
    a street?

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    a girl? Joanne Marie "Jo"
    a boy? Ron Alexander
    twin girls? Joanne Marie "Jo" and Isabel Leslie
    twin boys? Ron Alexander and Nicolas Jack "Nic"
    five girls? Joanne Marie "Jo", Isabel Grace, Leslie Anne, Alexandra Jane "Alex" and Annalisa Claire
    five boys? Ron Alexander, Nicolas Jack "Nic", Oliver Kent, Robert Evan and Noah Zachery

    a dog? Jenkins/Daisy
    a cat? Cole/Allie
    a fish? Fuzzy
    a hamster? Timothy/Jayjay
    a turtle? Michaelangelo/Marie
    a teddy bear? Joey/Olivia
    a walrus? Curt/Janie
    a horse? Parker/Olive

    a boat? Soleil
    an airline company? Claireline
    a boutique? Sunshine
    a zoo? Pastry Park Zoo
    a department store? Eclair

    a book? A Whack in the Head
    a play? Bluejay's
    a song? Writing You Into My Life
    a painting? Freedom
    a sculpture? Done

    a country? Eclairland
    a city? Sunshine
    a street? Porch Monkey Ave.

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    What Would You Name...

    a girl? Estella Juno
    a boy? Silas Timothy
    twin girls? Mabel Josephine and Millicent Claire
    twin boys? Oliver Franklin and Sebastian Harvey
    five girls? Agatha Pearl, Dorothy Wren, Edith Lavender, Florence Lark and Mabel Joy.
    five boys? Cornelius Tate, Jeremiah Hale, Oscar Vaughan, Humphrey Quinn and Xavier Jude.

    a dog? Male - Barnaby / Female - Clover
    a cat? Male - Merlin / Female - Minerva
    a fish? Winnie
    a hamster? Harriet
    a turtle? Pilgrim
    a teddy bear? Huxley
    a walrus? Marmaduke
    a horse? Celtic Star

    a boat? Hope Floats
    an airline company? Sky's The Limit
    a boutique? Rinkydink
    a zoo? Noah's Park Zoo
    a department store? Bonaventure

    a book? Memoir: Don't Get Me Started!
    a play? End of the Road
    a song? I Wouldn't Marry You If You Were The Last Man on Earth
    a painting? Solace
    a sculpture? Sublime

    a country? Arcadia
    a city? Eloraville
    a street? Happy Trail
    All the best,

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    a girl? MaKaiya Lucille
    a boy? Kohan Justin Alexander
    twin girls? Parker Nevaeh & Rowan Nicole
    twin boys? Kohan Justin Alexander & Jonah Ashton Drake
    five girls? Parker Nevaeh, MaKaiya Lucille, Aarden Nicole, Roawn Lynn & Brynlee April
    five boys? Kohan Alexander, Jonah Ashton, Paxton Joel, Tatum Christopher & Noah Justin

    a dog? Marbles
    a cat? Snuffles
    a fish? Gobbles
    a hamster? Wrecker
    a tultre? Swimmy
    a teddy bear? Teddy
    a walrus? Wally
    a horse? Pax

    a boat? Mr. Marbles
    an airline company? Canada Flyer
    a boutique? Sabby's Boutique
    a zoo? Norfolk county Zoo
    a department store? Weezleys

    a book? Simply simple
    a play? Little boppers
    a song? Staring at the sun
    a painting? Sunset sky
    a sculpture? Heat

    a country? Excepland
    a city? Emerson
    a street? Sabby Street

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    a girl? Naomi Anjanette
    a boy? Dane Obidiah
    twin girls? Georgia Grace & Mary Pearl
    twin boys? Asa Abel & Abraham Abner
    five girls? Allegra Anne, Eliza Mae, Alana Rosalie, Athena Ianthe, Alienna Ariadne
    five boys? Quentin Xavier, Adam Emory, Aaron Caleb, Benjamin Bruce, William Augustine

    a dog? Gulliver
    a cat? Piwacket
    a fish? Tooey
    a hamster? Thunder
    a turtle? Urtle
    a teddy bear? Gus
    a walrus? Tony
    a horse? Stardust Melody

    a boat? Arisa
    an airline company? Open Skys
    a boutique? The Tiptoe Club
    a zoo? Lions & Tigers & Bears
    a department store? Worthy's

    a book? Everyday Wonders
    a play? A Dream of Waking
    a song? Happiness Ahead
    a painting? A Place of Peace
    a sculpture? The Question

    a country? Promisonia
    a city? Place San Sousi
    a street? Darnell Way

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