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    I LOVE Miette (you would have to check my spelling). I means "petite little bread crumb".

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    I am grateful for all the feedback and opinions! Now, if only my husband didn't have a say in anything. Just when I think he is on board with a name, he starts changing his mind, but then doesn't offer up anything in exchange. I had contractions all night last night so I'm now in a panic.

    He's not sure about Esmee or Sylvie. He said he thinks that Esmee doesn't sound pretty or feminine enough/he's not sure about the "z" sound and that while he wants a short first name, he thinks that people will think Sylvie is short for something. I might be able to convince him otherwise- but want him to be on board. 3 years ago when we were having our second (who turned out to be a boy) our girl name was Aveline Charisse. For some reason, we've changed our minds...Aveline is maybe too close to Ava, sort of sounds like valvoline...then my husband mentioned that Charisse sounds too similar to my first son's middle name "Rhys" - which then bothered me. He still likes Charisse. Wondering if that could take the first name position?? But then what mn? I still love Genevieve - or is this too long? Last name is Boutell (ruling out all names ending in elle or ella). Thanks!!

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