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    Middle name for Blair

    Hi! I recently gave birth to a boy. We named him Jesse Valentino!! Now it's only two months later and I'm thinking about getting pregnant again! 40 is around the corner, so there's no time to waste. I'm considering the name Blair. It's really hard to find a middle name to go with it!! I want something fun to say like Valentino, but I can't think of anything!! Any ideas??

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    Re: Middle name for Blair

    Jesse and Blair make a great sibset, since both names can be unisex. I normally prefer the spelling Blaire for girls though.

    Anyway, since Blair is rather buttoned up and abrupt, I think something longer would suit it best

    Blair Felicity
    Blair India
    Blair Juliana
    Blair Magnolia
    Blair Lavender
    Blair Minuette
    Blair Mirabelle
    Blair Penelope
    Blair Tallulah

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    Re: Middle name for Blair

    Congrats, firstly!

    I like Blair! Holbs had good suggestions. In addition:

    Blair Genevieve
    Blair Viola
    Blair Adelaide
    Blair Evangeline
    Blair Cassandra
    Blair Imelda
    Blair Imogen
    Blair Alexandra
    Blair Melisande
    Blair Augusta

    I hope that helps!
    Abigail, Beatrice, Jemima, Hazel, Matilda, Svea

    Isaac, James, Jasper, Julius, Sebastian, William

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    Re: Middle name for Blair

    OMG, holbs, you came up with the middle name!! I don't know how I didn't think of it myself, I've always loved the name and thought of it as a middle for other names. I'm so happy you made my day. So, as of right now, the name will be...Blair Magnolia!!! Best name ever!! And I can say the "M" is after my mom. Thank you so so so much!!!

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    Re: Middle name for Blair

    Aw, that's wonderful! Blair Magnolia was actually my favourite combination too. So glad its what you were looking for.

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