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    The day before school starts, your new guy friend (who you hope will eventually become your boyfriend) asks you to meet him for lunch. You do and after lunch, he asks you to be his girlfriend. You couldn't be more ecstatic. Of course, you agree and the next day at school, you're proud to walk the halls holding his hand. The years pass and while the two of you have your ups and your downs, you're clearly in love. You and your boyfriend plan on attending different colleges, though. You want to become photographer and he wants to become a surgeon. You've both been offered scholarships, but not to the same universities. After much discussion, you agree that you'll part your separate ways and attend your separate schools, but you are not on a break. The two of you are still in a committed relationship. However, only a few months into college and the party life gets the best of you. You get wasted at a party and sleep with another guy. When you realize what you did, you're distraught. You don't even know this guy. He doesn't go to your school. You decide it's best not to ever mention it to your boyfriend. It won't happen again and it will only hurt him. No more partying for you. So you throw yourself completely into your classes and mostly ignore your friends and roommates. But you're tired. Always tired. You can't focus in class because all you want to do is sleep. You can't get comfortable because your back is always hurting. You don't even want to go near the cafeteria because it wreaks of horrible smelling food that makes you want to puke your guts out. Then it hits you! You're pregnant. You run to the store to get a test and sure enough, it comes back as positive. You're freaking out. There's no way to play this off. He'll know it's not his. You haven't even seen him in 4 months AND he's coming to visit you next week. What do you do? You decide you have to tell him. But you want to see him, so you're going to wait until he comes to visit. When you tell him, he's calm and collected, but you know that means he's hurt and angry. He tells you that it's over and he leaves. You sob and sob. You call your sister, your friend, and your mom. You tell them all what happened. Your mom's disappointed, but supportive because she needs to be. Your friend says she's on her way. She's always able to cheer you up somehow. She's able to transfer schools and remains by your side as you go through college life pregnant, since the father of your child said he doesn't even remember you. And then to top everything off, you find out that you're having twins. Just as summer break is approaching, you give birth.

    Daughter #1: Alice Serena Prescott
    Daughter #2: Celia Georgia Prescott

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