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    Kenzi, I'm having trouble understanding your situation. Your profile says you are 26, you claim to have had your first child at 21 yet also claim to have 10 of them? A few others have called your situation out as fake, and I have to agree. I'm not trying to be rude but it bothers me when people present themselves as something they are not.

    I myself am quite young and have no children. I don't claim to. I do love daydreaming about my future family and their names - quite a normal thing. If you're in the same situation why not just out yourself as young and hopeful of one day having this family that you are pretending to.
    If there is some truth to your story then I apologize. It just seems there are too many holes in it to be real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caracakes View Post
    I think a great question to ask is how they think their child might react to not having a father in their life? A lot of kids really need that fatherly figure to guide them... especially when boys are growing into men. Who will fill in that empty void? How will you explain to your child that they do not have a daddy like all their friends do?
    Does anyone raise kids that will only know two parent families? I felt like an oddity as a kid sometimes HAVING a dad.

    AND he was married to my mom. That was thought a bit weird when I was quite small, lol.

    Anyway as a kid I knew single parents, gay parents, openly adopted kids, and parents that were divorced and each remarried so the kid was being raised in a two parent home but only by one bio-parent at a time. A family could be many things and I figured that out pretty early.

    There's a lot of good reasons to have a kid and as many good reasons to NOT have a kid, but "he'll be the only one at school without a dad" seems likely to be a thing only if you go out of your way to set that up, and its just as easily avoided by selecting a school or area with diverse backgrounds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    I firmly believe the best thing anyone can give a child is a home where mother and father are married and love each other very much and who adore their children. She needs to wait a while for the right man to come along, marry and in time have the child of their dreams.

    I strongly agree with this.
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