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    Re: be critical if you must :)

    Love Delilah! Alas, it clashes with our ln.

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    Re: be critical if you must :)

    1. Adelie Avery - I'm not sure about this combo. The flow is a little sing-songy. Also, I feel that Adelie, while unusual, will get grouped in with large numbers of Addisons, Adelines and Adalyns that are beginning to be everywhere.
    2. Delilah Grace - beautiful. It the biblical character association does not bother you, I say use this name.
    3. Emerson Reece - I like each name, but together its too unisex. What about Emerson Grace?
    4. Elsie Rose - I like Elsie, but its a nn to me. Would Elsa, Elisabeth or Elsbeth appeal to you?

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    Cair Paravel :)

    Re: be critical if you must :)

    Sorry, I just want to apologize right now, because I think my opinions are going to be far less favorable than some of the others here! Mainly because you have Avery, Emerson, and Reece on your short list for girls, and Avery is my second favorite boys' name, and I looove Emerson and Reece (prefer the Rhys spelling) on boys.

    Adelie Avery--I actually kind of like Adelie, although I like the Adalie spelling better. Avery of course, I love, but not on a girl. :*( I think the nn Addy/Addie is cute, but still pretty rampant, if that's something you're considering.

    Delilah Grace--Grace is lovely. I know it's rabidly popular and filler as a MN, but I still love it. That probably has to do with the fact that it's my grandmother's MN, and I plan on using it somewhere in my first daughter's name. Delilah... I like the look, and the sound, and I adore the nns Lily and Lila, but I'm just one of those people who can't get past the religious association. I would not want people making associations between my daughter and the biblical character.

    Emerson Reece--I really like Emerson Rhys for a boy, actually, but for a girl, no, sorry. I do love the nn Emmy, though. I think Emilia, Esmeralda, or Emmeline would be better options for the nn Emmy, or even using the initials ME to get Emmy.

    Elsie Rose--I like Elsie okay, but I like Elsa a lot more. I think Elsa's perfect. I've never understood the appeal behind Rose (and most Rose names), but it is respectable, and it gives a combo warmth and sweetness, so maybe that's why everyone loves it, haha. Elsa Rose or Elsa Rosalie would be really adorable (even Elsa Rosabelle... Although that's pretty frilly!).

    Delilah Grace is probably my favorite combo, followed by Adelie Avery (I like Adelia Avery or Adalie Aviana/Adalie Ava better).

    Good luck!
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    Re: be critical if you must :)

    1. Adelie Avery - adelie seems childish personally. Like other comments, I prefer simply Adele or even adela. I'm also not wild about the double 'a' name. I don't know. I feel like if you're going to do a first and a middle with the same initial then the endings need to be different.

    2. Delilah Grace - this is my favourite of your top 4. I love the way it flows, I love both names individually. I just love it. Kudos.

    3. Emerson Reece - my second favourite choice. I like Emerson a lot. I don't really like reece and something about the two names together doesn't sit right for me. I like Emerson grace a lot though.

    4. Elsie Rose - similar to adelie this seems childish to me. But also old ladyish at the same time. Old fashioned I feel. It's an okay choice but definitely not my favourite.

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    Re: be critical if you must :)

    Adelie Avery: I love Adelie. I don't see it as childish because of its similarity to Natalie which I think ages nicely. Adelie is pretty and feminine but not frilly. I don't care for Avery on a girl but in my opinion, if you're just itching to use a unisex name, it's best placed in the middle.

    Delilah Grace: Not such a fan of Delilah; I prefer Delia. It just seems sort of flimsy to me.

    Emerson Reece: Not a fan of this one at all, sorry. If I saw this on paper I would assume it was a boy. You could feminize it by doing Emery Reece, Emery Grace, Adelie Emerson, or Adelie Reece.

    Elsie Rose: Elsie seems too nickname-y to me. What about Elspeth, Elisabeth, or Elsa instead?

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