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    Re: I thought we had it all figured out....

    Thank you all so much for your help! @ daisy451; That is exactly what my husband says. He finds Lila trendy and thinks it doesn't have the substance that Genevieve or his new favorite Vivienne has.
    @ rollo; I totally agree with you about the Y in Jayne, also we don't have another J child, just an E and an L so that is the other deterrent with Lila. SO, now if Lila is out, what about these three???

    Vivienne Josephine
    Genevieve Jane
    Jayne Josephine

    Thoughts? Opinions? They are always welcomed and appreciated!!

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    Re: I thought we had it all figured out....

    I'm smitten with Genevieve Jane, if you're ok with tweaking the spelling of Jane. I really like Vivienne with Ja(y)ne, too! It feels a bit heavy with Josephine.
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    Re: I thought we had it all figured out....

    I think Genevieve is beautiful. I also like Lila. What did you think of the earlier suggestions of Genevieve Lila Jayne? I think that has nice flow and hits all the areas you need/want.
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    Re: I thought we had it all figured out....

    Definitely Lila

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    I prefer Lila Jayne

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