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    Re: Iris Marcheline, William Klaus, Viola Blair and...?

    Hi guys -- we've found out it's going to be a boy and a girl!!

    At the moment, our top runners are Lucie Rosemary Maude and Edmund Theodore, although we're still considering Opal and Tessa as girls' names, too. Thanks so much to everyone who commented, I can't tell you how much of a help you've been!

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    Re: Iris Marcheline, William Klaus, Viola Blair and...?

    Ooh, yay! A boy and a girl! Congratulations. And you're welcome! I'll just add in my two cents (feel free to ignore me :lol: ): I think Lucie Rosemary Maude is better as just Rosemary Maude (oh my God!!! So elegant and beautiful!). And Edmund Theodore makes me swoon! But of course, it's your choice ultimately. Congratulations, once again!
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    Re: Iris Marcheline, William Klaus, Viola Blair and...?

    Congrats! I adore your boys choice, so vintage and handsome. I think your girls choice is lovely too, though I do think that Lucinda, Lucia or just Rosemary Maude might work better, Lucie seems so cutesy compared to the other strong names in the set.
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