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    Re: Wyatt and Harper's sister

    I agree with the general consensus of the PPs. Wyatt and Harper have a sort of modern, surname-y thing going on, while Caroline is a classic. You have listed nicknames for several of the other names on your list, so I was wondering if you had a NN chosen for Caroline, as well, or if she would go by her full name?
    Of your list, these are the ones I like best:

    Wyatt, Harper & Blythe - I like it. I don't LOVE it, but I like it.
    Wyatt, Harper & Eden - Harper & Eden are both definitely girl's names, but neither is "girly".
    Wyatt, Harper & Reese - My favourite. I love how Harper & Reese go together. They're perfect, IMO
    Wyatt, Harper & Sadie - I agree with the PP who suggested that you just go with Sadie if that's what she'll be called, anyway

    Reese Caroline would definitely get my vote
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    Re: Wyatt and Harper's sister

    To answer a few questions:

    If we do go with Caroline, we would use the full name all of the time.

    Also, though I do like many of the middle name sets y'all have provided, we have a tradition of using family surnames as the middle name for the children in our family.

    Sarah is my best friend/sister's name, so we would definitely use that form as the official name as opposed to Sadie. Sadie would be used for differentiation from the other Sarahs in the family.

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    Re: Wyatt and Harper's sister

    You know what? I think at the end of the day, if you really love Caroline, just go for it! I think Wyatt, Harper, & Caroline is an awesome sibset. You don't want to regret your kids' names. You chose your other kids' names because you loved those names from the start, and I think for your third baby, it should be the same way! So why not Caroline? I think Caroline Reese is pretty.
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