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    England, West Midlands

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    Generation #1:
    Heath Robert and Jena Elise Honeycutt

    Generation #2:
    DD: Harper Quinn Honeycutt
    DS: Bennett Thomas Honeycutt
    DS: Aaron Chase Honeycutt
    DD: Norah Erin Honeycutt
    DD: Emerson Drew Honeycutt
    DS: Foster Lucas Honeycutt
    DD: Avery Rose Honeycutt
    DD: Hadley Greer Honeycutt
    DD: Kate Alexandra Honeycutt

    Generation #3:
    Harper Quinn Honeycutt Sweeney/DH: Dylan Blake Sweeney
    DS: Easton Heath Sweeney
    DS: Grayson Jude Sweeney
    DS: Declan Wyatt Sweeney

    Bennett Thomas Honeycutt/DW: Sarah Jane Anderson Honeycutt
    DS: Wesley Jacob Honeycutt
    DS: Caleb Maddox Honeycutt
    DD: Ella Jane Honeycutt

    Aaron Chase Honeycutt/DW: Courtney Paige Turner Honeycutt
    DS: Knox Andrew Honeycutt
    DD: Lorelei Blair Honeycutt "Rory"
    DD: Georgia Natalie Honeycutt
    DS: Blaine Christian Honeycutt
    DD: Piper Samantha Honeycutt
    DD: Everly Grace Honeycutt
    DS: Silas Michael Honeycutt
    DS: Flynn Daniel Honeycutt

    Norah Erin Honeycutt Ritter/DH: Brandon Dean Ritter
    DS: Nathaniel Lincoln Ritter
    DD: Hannah Genevieve Ritter
    DS: Corbett Drake Ritter

    Emerson Drew Honeycutt Burkhart/DH: Logan Hunter Burkhart
    DD: Leila Annabel Burkhart
    DS: Beckett Riley Burkhart
    DS: Kingston James Burkhart
    DS: Asa Landon Burkhart "Ace"

    Foster Lucas Honeycutt/DW: Whitney Faith Jenkins Honeycutt
    DS: Jackson Lucas Honeycutt "Jack"

    DD: Avery Rose Honeycutt Baxter/DH: Adam Phillip Baxter
    DD: Grace Kelly Baxter
    DD: Isabella Audrey Baxter

    DD: Hadley Greer Honeycutt Kavanaugh/DH: Jonathan Garrett Kavanaugh
    DD: Lucy Gwen Kavanaugh
    DS: Noah Gage Kavanaugh
    DD: Lily Gemma Kavanaugh
    DS: Beau Gregory Kavanaugh

    DD: Kate Alexandra Honeycutt Bledsoe/DH: Derek Reid Bledsoe
    DD: Aubrey Paige Bledsoe
    DD: Teagan Olivia Bledsoe
    DD: Amelia Caroline Bledsoe
    DS: Carson Reese Bledsoe

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    Lucy Mae Wells (68) & Seamus William Gilmichael (70)
    DD - Susanna Maeve Gilmichael (44)
    DS - Henry Seamus Gilmichael (42)
    DD - Alice Rose Gilmichael (37)
    Lucy and Seamus married in Unthank, Scotland, in 1963. Their first two children were born in Scotland. They moved to Maryland in 1975; their youngest child, Alice, was born there. Seamus started his own contracting business in 1978; he retired five years ago, and his son Henry took over the business. Lucy continues to work as an elementary school teacher.

    Susanna Maeve Gilmichael (44) & Elías Agustín Calderón Velásquez (41)
    DD - Angela Shailene Velásquez (14)
    DS - Mateo Lucián Velásquez (12)
    DD - Emily Rosadela Velásquez (10)
    Susanna and Elías are both professors. They recently moved to Syracuse, New York, from Zaragoza, Spain, where they had been living for the past 10 years.

    Henry Seamus Gilmichael (42) & Iona Grace McLeod (40)
    DD/DD - Theresa Mary & Agnes Elizabeth (18)
    DS - Charles Josiah (16)
    DS - Andrew James (15)
    DS - Francis Jacob (13)
    DD/DD - Rebecca Anne & Naomi Catherine (11)
    DD - Lydia Ruth (9)
    DD/DD - Esther Constance & Adah Verity (7)
    DS/DS - Patrick John & Deacon Joseph (5)
    DD - Lucy Margaret (3)
    Henry heads a contracting business and Iona homeschools their 12 children. The family resides in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

    Alice Rose Gilmichael (37) & Theodore Sebastian Fairweather (37)
    DD - Freya Pippilotta Fairweather (4)
    DS - Atlas Donovan Fairweather (1)
    Alice is a children’s book writer and Theo is a travel photographer. The family resides in Portland, Oregon, and spends 5 months of the year traveling.
    New momma to twin boys!

    Arlo Sebastian & Ezra Valentine
    Born 1/1/2014

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    Generation #1:
    Jessamine Rachelle Styles and Harold Edward Styles

    Generation #2:
    6 children

    1. Boy- Liam Allen Styles
    2. Boy- Auden James Styles
    3. Girl- Jocelyn Rachelle Styles
    4. Boy- Gareth Andrew Styles
    5. Girl- Madeline Ginevra Styles
    6. Girl- Darcy Anne Styles

    Generation #3

    Liam and Cara Styles
    4 children

    1. Girl- Riley Grace Styles
    2. Girl- Harper Olivia Styles
    3. Boy- Owen Kane Styles
    4. Boy- Logan Henry Styles

    Auden and Ashlyn Styles
    9 Children

    1. Boy- Keegan James Styles
    2. Boy- Carson Noah Styles
    3. Girl- Caitlyn Mackenzie Styles
    4. Girl- Darby Ashlyn Styles
    5. Girl- Ava Kelly Styles
    6. Girl- Amelia Elizabeth Styles
    7. Girl- Fallon Kennedy Styles
    8. Girl- Moira Audrey Styles
    9. Girl- Abigail Sohpia Styles

    Jocelyn and James Cromwell
    10 Children

    1. Boy- Nathan Joseph Cromwell
    2. Boy- Clayton Matthew Cromwell
    3. Girl- Johanna Hope Cromwell
    4. Boy- Oliver Jay Cromwell
    5. Girl- Celia Elise Cromwell
    6. Girl- Elsa Anne Cromwell
    7. Girl- Caroline Amelia Cromwell
    8. Boy- warren Benjamin Cromwell
    9. Girl- Lucy Claire Cromwell
    10. Girl- Laura Violet Cromwell

    Gareth and Anna
    10 Children

    1. Girl- Mila Isabella Styles
    2. Girl- Anya Cole Styles
    3. Boy- Jacob William Styles
    4. Boy- Ethan Alexander Styles
    5. Girl- Charlotte Aria Styles
    6. Boy- Matthias Kale Styles
    7. Boy- Ezra Lucas Styles
    8. Girl- Emily Scarlet Styles
    9. Boy- Caleb Jonas Styles
    10. Boy- Eli Tobias Styles

    Madeline and Elijah Emmerson
    8 Children

    1. Boy- Simon Jeremiah Emmerson
    2. Girl- Leah Simone Emmerson
    3. Girl- Emma Susannah Emmerson
    4. Girl- Sadie Isabel Emmerson
    5. Girl- Mara Molly Emmerson
    6. Girl- Hannah Rebecca Emmerson
    7. Boy- Hudson Nathaniel Emmerson
    8. Boy- Solomon Oliver Emmerson

    Darcy and Cory Lagasse
    2 Children

    1. Girl- Casey Noel Lagasse
    2. Boy- Levi Shea Lagasse (Twin)
    3. Boy- Finn Asher Lagasse (Twin)

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    England, West Midlands

    Jess, 14 year old Teenberry with a serious name obsession

    Girls: Lucy/Lucie, Amelie, Isobel, Imogen, Evie/Eve, Ella, Mae, Poppy, Lily, Annabel

    Boys: Max, Finn, Luke, James, Louis, Alexander, Benjamin, Harry, Alfie, Joshua

    GPs: Bliss, Evangeline, Georgiana, Una, Rowan, Alexa, Saffron

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