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    my fam hates my top 2! will u go thru my new list please??

    i love Annabel but sister says she HATES it cuz it sounds like a cow and ppl will call her mom says she loathes Daphne..oh and they dont like Lorelei because its the name of a neighborhood street back home..sigh..theyre really pushing Phoebe on me and i love it but its my husbands cousins name so it would be weird..if i cant anything else i will most likely use Annabel but i'd really like to come up w/someting thats sweet, quirky and fun..not too Violet..anywho heres my new list..wdyt..oh did i mention i found out it was a girl for sure yesterday?

    Adeline nn Addy (i dont mind the A initials at this point..just want a name i love)
    Eveline or Evelina nn Evie
    Susannah nn Susie
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    Here's the link to vote, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!

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    Re: my fam hates my top 2! will u go thru my new list please

    Oh congrats on your baby girl! Well, I guess you are another example on why it's best NOT to tell your family the names you've chosen until after the ink is dry on the birth certificate. Personally, if you love Annabel and Daphne, then go for it! Both are lovely in my opinion - Annabel is elegant and ladylike and Daphne is fun and quirky. I mean, who is having this baby anyway? Here are my thoughts on your new list. All the best!
    Adeline - Love the vintage charm of this name. My fave on your list!
    Eveline or Evelina - OK but similar to the popular Evelyn
    Susannah - Lovely Biblical gem. My second choice.
    Lucy - I love this name as well as Lucia. Third pick on your list.
    Audrey - Great association with classy actress Audrey Hepburn.
    All the best,

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    Re: my fam hates my top 2! will u go thru my new list please

    Its so hard with family! I personally LOVE all your names! With my last DD#2 we had decided on Anabelle and then last minute changed it to Lucy--we must have the same taste! So obviously, I prefer Lucy and Annabel, but I really love Evie too as a nn so Evelyn is right up there! Adeline is also VERY cute, but I know too many Addie's (Addy's) to consider it myself! Good luck! And just as pp I say whatever you and your partner love is the most important--the name will grow on family members when that sweet little girl is here...You'd hate to always regret not using the name you truly loved by second guessing yourself!

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    Re: my fam hates my top 2! will u go thru my new list please

    Ugh! I feel your pain! Just between my husband, my 16 year old daughter and my best friend I have had a HEADACHE choosing a name for our little girl.

    I like Adeline and Susannah best as they are the least popular right now although all the names are very pretty.

    Would you consider Evangeline with the nn Evie?

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    Re: my fam hates my top 2! will u go thru my new list please

    I have a sister named Anne and we actually considered changing her name to Annabel because my family always called her Annabel when she was a baby! It did morph into Annabellies and then Bellies, but that wore off as she got older. It was never just Belly though, so I never even thought of it that way when we called her Bellies. Bella is a lot more likely than Belly. Now that I think of it, we did call her Annabella and Bella occasionally as well. Overall, it was just a fun name to have as a baby and when she got older she settled into Annie.

    Daphne and Phoebe are both fun names...have you considered Deirdre? For some reason I always think of those names as a group.

    All of your other names are lovely as well, but if you love Annabel or Daphne and you have the guts to go against your family's tastes, I say do it! I know from experience that you can hate a name and then change to completely love it once you associate it with an adorable baby. =)

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