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    I love this name. It's pronounced "Ma-HAWL-ya", not "Ma-HAIL-ya".

    What are your opinions? Does it immediately make you think of Mahalia Jackson?

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    Re: Mahalya

    oh, and nickname would be "Hallie" (like Holly).

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    Re: Mahalya

    Hmm...just looking at it I would have said 'Ma-HAIL-ya', and seeing that you'd pn it 'Ma-HAWL-ya' for some reason reminds me of Valhalla in Norse Mythology, and I also keep seeing Makayla when I glance at it. However, I guess the good news is Jackson never came to mind, and I do think Ma-HAWL-ya has a certain exotic charm

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    Re: Mahalya

    I would've said Ma-hail-ya too and Mahalia Jackson did spring to mind as soon as I saw it, but that's not such a bad thing is it? I love the name, and Hallie is a cute nn I wouldn't have thought of

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