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    Re: Fresh list, unusual but not weird name for my 3rd

    You have some lovely names here, just wasn't too keen on the combinations.
    Here are the ones I like, *=love.


    Juniper Isis is kinda cool.
    And, Eloise, Edie and Hazel are okay.

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    Re: Fresh list, unusual but not weird name for my 3rd

    I love the names you have chosen! Wondering if you've thought of Kathlyn or Kathleen, Cathlyn or Cathleen to get you to Kit, which is so dear. But I also think a nickname doesn't have to stick tightly to a name!

    I am loving the rythym of your

    two syllable first name, then three or four syllable middle with that lovely "Knoll."
    as in:
    Ivy Cordelia Knoll
    Hazel Jemima Knoll
    Cathlyn Saskia Knoll.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Fresh list, unusual but not weird name for my 3rd

    Favourites/least favourites from these?
    Its time to evict a few I think!
    I have cut out some names like- Harriet, Theodora, Juniper- as they don't seem a good fit with the boys' names.
    I'm looking for something as unusual as the other two, which I'm still not sure some of these are, but something beautiful and recognisable as a name also. Usable-unusual, basically!
    I keep switching favourites, but right now probably Isolde, Elodie and Saskia. I don't know if I mind repeating the I from Inigo's name, but I love Isolde enough to live with it.
    I honestly will listen to all your opinions carefully. (Mischa especially you have been a HUGE help)

    Jemima Daisy
    Jemima Winnifred
    Jemima Sidonie
    Jemima Ottilie
    Jemima Coralie

    Elodie (Edie) Pearl
    Elodie Faye
    Elodie Flora
    Elodie Clementine
    Elodie Hazel
    Elodie Juniper

    Adelaide Hazel
    Adelaide Romy
    Adelaide Flora
    (None of these sound quite right yet, suggestions?)

    Cordelia Violet/Viola
    Cordelia Beatrix
    Cordelia Briony

    Hermione Flora
    Hermione Zara
    Hermione Juno
    Hermione India
    Hermione Saoirse

    Isolde Clementine
    Isolde Cordelia
    Isolde Emmeline
    Isolde Marigold
    Isolde Fiona

    Tabitha Hazel (the perfect Tabitha combination for me!)

    Saskia Temple (LOVE mischa)
    Saskia Tamsin
    Saskia Adelaide

    Flora Emmeline
    Flora Penelope
    Flora Sidonie
    Flora Cosima

    Luella Isis
    Luella Ivy
    Luella Faye
    Luella Isolde
    Luella Clementine
    Luella Briony
    Luella Juniper

    Penelope Dahlia
    Penelope Bridget
    Penelope Tamsin
    Penelope Orla
    Penelope Saoirse

    More suggestions for middle names are VERY welcome!
    Mum to two beautiful boys
    Oisin Sullivan (4) and Inigo Stellan (1)

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