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    my top 2 names seem stale now. HELP

    Dear nameberry friends,
    So it has been a couple of months since I posted here. In the last couple of months my DH and I have been so busy moving and with our children (MIró turned one last week!) that we have hardly discussed names. DH seems pretty content with Either Paloma S@voy or Indie Per!dot. I feel like out of laziness/stress we just stopped looking. I do like Paloma and Indie but I feel like there may be a better name out there for our little girl. our other children are named Lila (leelah) Avel!ne and Miró Thelon!us L!ght!ng.

    Names I am still thinking about:
    Indigo: with Indie as a nn, worried about the O ending since we already have a MIro
    Anais: DF feels that its too complicated
    Bijou: HAve always loved this name but my sister named her cat this. does that mean its out?
    Nava (nahvah): DH just so so on it. I worry it may be too close sounding to Lila
    Azure: Dh feels like its trying to hard.

    What do you nameberries think?


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