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    I know this probably doesn't count but one of my friends wants to call her son Sheldon (Yes, after the Big Bang Theory character) and the other wants to name one of her daughters Ella or Victoria (Nice names just a little bit too normal for my style)
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    I don't know. Some of the names that are popular now are really beautiful classics. I mean Emma? Sophia? Isabel? Madeleine? Those are all gorgeous. And yes, I know they're common, but I wouldn't exactly be disappointed if a friend named their daughter that. I mean, maybe just because it's predictable and you're like, "ooooh, what are you going to name her!?" and then the answer is "Olivia" and it's like, "oh, what did I expect, I guess." I really like the name Jack and I'm not sure I'll be able to let it go even if it gets even more popular, so I hope people will look at the style/sound/meaning/feel before the popularity.
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    My friends that have chosen really common names have often done so for family reasons, so it's hard to fault that. A lot of my colleagues have kids with names in the top 10 or top 20, and they are just very conventional people.

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    I don't really know many people in the "preggo" crowd, but of the few babies I know of born somewhat recently (past few years or so) there wan't really anything that stood out to me, save for a close friend who named her son London back in September. (Yes, son, not daughter.) Though another close friend who was speculating names had some more classic tastes like Vincent.

    Overall, I think some name disappointment is inevitable, but the few exceptions are nice and subtly dazzling. Sure, we all groan over yet another Olivia or Michael being born, but at the same time, I think it beats having to groan over a really over the top or "impossible to live up to" type name like Theophilia or Atlas.
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    I think in reality a majority of the people out there don't worry about how popular a name is, they just choose something that they love or means something special to them.

    Just think about it, until the advent of sites like this, the only option us prehistoric types had were a handful of books and we didn't have the support of a group of name lovers to help us be daring! When I was expecting my DD, I wanted to name her Emma or Isabel which, in the early 1980's drew howls of "How could you do that to a child?" Close to 30 years later, all those Jennifers and Jessicas are naming their daughters Emma or Isabella.

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