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Thread: Girl named Levi

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    This just struck me as funny I hope that you have the same sense of humour as I do, but what do you think of Levi Jean?
    Psalm 23

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    I know of a baby girl named Levi Savannah. I was surprised to hear Levi on a girl, but I have to admit, I think Levi Savannah is adorable! I like Levi Susannah even better!

    Good luck making your decision )

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    Found this post when I was looking for info about naming my own daughter Levi...I think its great...we are thinking Levi Jane. I'm really shocked by how negative and downright rude everyone was about it. Its not like its Richard or Howard...shouldn't we supportive and encouraging creativity ...not knocking each other down..

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    You're at the wrong website if you don't want to be put down for choosing a name associated with men for your daughter, but I love it! It sounds feisty for a girl. And it has the Lee sound which is very gender neutral.

    Levi Madison, Alexandra, Olivia, Grace are a few, I don't like a lot of really girly names so Im probably not very helpful

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