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    How did you tell?

    I already told him but i just wanna now how y'all told ur DH and ur fam! Usually its funny, creative or just normal!

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    Re: How did you tell?

    i mean how did y'all tell ur hubby about ur pregnancy?

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    Re: How did you tell?

    He was sitting in the bathroom with me when I took the test. lol We both knew I was late.

    We just kind of blurted it out to our parents, nothing special. His step sister told me at a family party on sunday that my fiancee's dad had told everyone even though we had specifically asked him not to because I wanted to wait until I was past my first trimester. Well turns out he didn't tell anyone and she spilled the beans for us. Thanks a lot! :roll: :x :cry: So now everyone in the family knows on his side. I have a small family and we're not close so It's not a big thing for me to tell them, I don't really care.
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    Re: How did you tell?

    When i went in for my first appt they did an ultrasound to confirm twins. i took a picture of that and sent it to his phone..........not the best idea since he almost crashed the car!

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