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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    Furbabies! I have a female chocolate lab rescue named Janis Joplin (Jannie or BooBoo! work, too) and my fiance's female coyote mix named BeBe King. (BeBe Gun, BeBe Monster, Sweet B, Honey B, BeBe Bear) Our cats are Brian Griffin The Leaf Ninja (large orange male) and Chitty McStabbypaws (fat, cuddly, one-eyed stray; white with black spots). I usually put a lot of thought into names for my pets but Chitty really did name herself by meow/responding to "The Chitty" or "The Chit" for a long time after we found her under the porch with a nasty eye infection as a kitten. We also have a blue crowntail betta fish named Mizu (which means "water" in Japanese) who is old and huge.

    Gertrude Melificent McGrabbypaws (Gertie), a calico w/ white trim, was my very first cat.

    I won't even get into all the names of the chickens, HA!

    What a great post! Everyone's pet names are so cute and funny!

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    I have 3 hamsters - a Russian called Olive Ruby (g), and two Roborovskis called Rose Molly (g) and Blue Riley (b).

    They have colour names, which was unintended originally And their middle names end in Y. So when I get my next pair (Russians), they'll probably be Jasper Henry and Grey Finley (b) or Violet Audrey and Saffron Lily (g).

    I also have a cat called Lucia (not named by me, previously Molly Blue), but she doesn't live with me anymore.

    My 6-year-old brother is getting some fish soon, I'm curious to see what he'll name them
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    May Tallulah Verity ♀ Lucia Ottilie June♀ Rosa Elowen Chloë

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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    My Pets:
    Little Miss Molly Boucher(pron. Boo-shay; it's French) (Molly), Boxer, age 12
    Carly, (blond) Border Collie, age 10
    Agatha Christie (Aggie)--fluffy grey kitty, also known as Greybaby
    Lenore (Norie)--Aggie's sleek, solid black sister (both age 11)
    Gandalf--half grey and half white, wise old "Owl Cat" (age 9)
    Silas--gigantic orange kitty, aka "the Orangestrosity" (age 2)

    My Family's Pets:
    Max (shepherd/lab mix) age 13 (Dad's dog)
    Eppy Thatcher (Standard Boston Terrier, named by my brother for a character from Grendel) age 7; aka "Runt Monkey ," "Porkpie," "Stillwell Angel," and "Winston Churchill." (Mom's dog)

    Sophie (Siamese), age 5
    Bourre (pron. Boo-ray; Cajun card game--named by me from The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood as he was first my cat), (small orange tabby) age 5
    Barney, sleek and black cat, age 2

    I try to name my cats after literary figures; Molly was the first dog I got to name, and Carly the second. I will probably name future dogs more literary names. Aggie and Norie's mom was Naboo (yes, from Star Wars--I consider film to be a form of literature :P ); my other cat of distinction was P.T., whom I got in 5th grade--she was a beautiful tortoiseshell with a psychotic personality, lol. Her initials stood for "Princess Tabitha," and she was named for P.T. (Prince Terrian) from Bridge to Terebithia.

    Barney showed up around the time one of our stray Mama Kitties was giving birth to Silas and his littermates on our porch, and he and Silas became such good friends that we named Barney for Barnabus after Silas and Barnabus in the Bible.

    Also, my parents once had a cat named "Poop." My dad named him. It was hilarious when we got a postcard from the vet that read "Dear Poop: It's time for your shots!" I normally don't find potty-humor that entertaining, but for some reason, having a cat named Poop amused me greatly.
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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    I have a two year old cat named Paco(orange tabby) and and 8 month old black lab pup named Jasper.
    Jasper was without a name for the first five days we had him, a co-worker brought it back to my attention- I had it on a list in a notebook that I found after we named him. He was supposed to be Jake, but it rhymed with "drake" which would have been bad while duck hunting! I'm glad we went with Jasper- it suits him perfectly! It's always Jasper- no short version.
    Paco had his name right away- as a kitten he always fell asleep in the pocket of my hooded sweatshirts. Paco was a shortened version of pocket. He now answers to Paco, Pocket,Fluffy(he's a shorthair-this nickname has a long story)Cattttt, Mr.Kitty, and numerous other names. I think we used up the nicknames all on the cat, therefore the dog doesn't have any, although for about a week he was Jaspy-then he got big so fast, that it didn't seem to fit him anymore.
    It's going to be a long, hot summer but at the end will be a wonderful prize!
    Expecting a baby boy August 25,2012-tentatively to be named Avery Jay!
    Names I still love...
    Girls- Amelia, Keeley, Elliott, Margaret
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    Re: What are your pet's names?

    Our Cavillers name is Milan.

    He is actually named after a football team but I've ran into a few little boys with the same name since I've been more aware of it.

    In my life I've had

    Frederick (I was 4 when I picked it) (Bird)
    Smokey (Cat)
    Abigail (Fish)
    Ekka (Fish)
    Ekka 2 (Fish)

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