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    Re: Nickname for Sakura

    I think Zuzu would be lovely!! I also love Kiki, Sassy and Sukie!!!

    Sakura is a lovely name!! Do you pronounce it with a short or long u? (Sa-ku-ra or Sa-kur-a... not sure if that eplains it right!)

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    Re: Nickname for Sakura

    I've always heard it pronounced "Sa-kur-a" - it means Cherry Blossom, and my husband proposed during the Cherry Blossom festival time, so it has so much wonderful meaning to us! And amazingly enough, Sakura is the only name out that I have found which directly means "Cherry Blossom!" Neither one of us is Japanese though(I'm Norwegian/Irish and he is German/Native American), so we thought we should have a nickname just in case
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