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    Re: Another baby name game..! lots of kids

    You and your boyfriend had been dating since the age of fifteen. At age nineteen, you become pregnant! Although you both are shocked and unprepared, your family offers support and a place to stay while you are both still in college. Your baby is born, and it's a boy! His first name is your choice, and his middle name is your father's name.
    His name: Jonah Daniel

    Your child is three years old and you've just moved into a spacious apartment with your boyfriend. The two of you get married and you become pregnant again. You were told it was a boy, but it turns out to be a girl. Because of this, you decide to use the name you had picked for a boy as a middle name (good thing it's unisex!) The first name is anything you'd like.
    Her name: Emily Taylor

    Your son is now five and your daughter is one. You and your husband discuss having more kids but decide to put it off for a little while.. it didn't end up that way. You become pregnant with twin boys! They turn out to be identical. Their first names start with C and D, and their middle names are relatives of yours.
    C's name: Caleb Donald
    D's name: David Brendan

    Your first son is eight now, your daughter is four and your twins are two. Having a family of four is something you and your husband are quite happy with. Things are going very well for the family and you are now living in a small house close by the rest of your family. Your husband gets a call at work one day and is told that his sister, a widow, has passed away leaving behind a two-year-old daughter. You decide to take her in. Her first name starts with an S and she has two middle names.
    Her name: Sarah Michelle Patricia

    Now your first son is nine, your daughter is five, your twins are three and your adopted daughter is three. You and your husband have a full house now and he's been spending much more time at the office than usual. It causes lots of arguments and puts a big strain on your marriage. You decide to separate for a little while. Taking care of all of these kids by yourself and dealing with marriage issues makes you feel tired, grumpy and often sick to your stomach. You find out a few months later that a pregnancy is what's really causing all of these physical symptoms! Your husband comes back to the house while you are pregnant. You end up having triplets; two boys and a girl!
    Boy: Henry Rowan
    Boy: Bradley Oscar
    Girl: Delilah Paisley

    Although the house is even more hectic than before, you and your husband are brought back together by the birth of your triplets. The time your husband has spent at the office has payed off and he gets a big promotion! You move into a much larger house. Your first son is now twelve, your daughter is eight, your twins are six, your adopted daughter is six, and your triplets are one. Eight kids! You decide to get your tubes tied.

    Your son is now twenty, your daughter is sixteen, your twins are fourteen, your adopted daughter is fourteen and your triplets are nine. You and your husband really miss having a baby in the house, so you decide to adopt a baby from Korea! It's a boy, and he is about a year old when you bring him home. His middle name is his birth name. His first name starts with a T.
    His name: Tobey Duck

    Your kids grow up and each child has one child of their own. You can pick their names and gender, keeping with the initials:

    First son's child -
    SR: Sophie Rose

    First daughter's child -
    EJ: Ethan James

    Twin C's child -
    BL: Bethany Laurel

    Twin D's child -
    AT: Arthur Travis

    Adopted daughter's child -
    LP: Lyle Payton

    Triplet boy 1's child:
    JT: Juliet Teryn

    Triplet boy 2's child:
    HH: Harper Henry

    Triplet girl's child:
    SN: Sasha Noelle

    Adopted son's child:
    GK: George Kenneth

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