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Thread: Think/Say

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    Say: Nice to meet you all, are you having a good day?

    Think: I'm a big fan of all the names, though I'm not sure they work well as a sibset. Gregory and Cassandra feel a bit 'older' than Sophie and Charlie, which are popular now. I'd imagine there to be a bit of an age gap between the older two and the younger two. I like the middle names too, though Grace feels a little bit filler.

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    Say: Hi boys!
    Think: Oliver Stephen is ok, but Stephen Oliver could make a better combo.
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    Say: Hello Kathryn.

    Think: Are all of those her middle names?! That's crazy! Way too many names for one girl. One or two middle names can sound tasteful, but any more than that just makes it seem like a careless jumble, especially when they have so many syllables. Maybe they were trying to honour lots of people... I still think it's too much though. As for the names themselves, I love Katherine [though not the spelling Kathryn], Margaret and Elizabeth, and Juliette is nice too. Something like Katherine Margo Elizabeth or Katherine Eliza Margaret would have been so much nicer.

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    Say: Hi Fletcher and Iris
    Think: Love the mn's, not a fan of the first names.

    Hi, meet my kids Lydia Violet and Edward Axel.
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    Say: what lovely names and unique names you have!!
    Think: love axel and violet, would want to call them by their middle names!!

    My twins: Novi and Romulus 'Rom'

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